News Headlines - 07 July 2014

BBC News - US 'to work with Germany' on spy row

The US has vowed to work with Germany to resolve the row over a German reportedly arrested for being a US spy.
A White House spokesman said he could not comment directly but efforts were being made to solve the problem.

China, Germany to promote ties to new progress - Xinhua

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Monday that China is willing to promote China-Germany ties to new progress in the spirit of mutual respect and mutual benefit.

Arthur Herman: The Time Is Ripe for Stronger U.S.-Japan Military Ties - WSJ

On July 1, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet approved a reinterpretation of Japan's constitution with regard to national defense. It would allow the military to join multinational peacekeeping operations, come to the aid of allies like the United States when they are attacked, and cooperate more fully with U.S. or South Korea if Japan itself is attacked.

Japan Pins Hopes on Floating Trains - WSJ

One of the images symbolizing Japan's postwar economic boom is a blue-and-white bullet train streaking past Mount Fuji on the world's first high-speed railway line, which went into service on the eve of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

BBC News - Fossil of 'largest flying bird' identified

The fossilised remains of the largest flying bird ever found have been identified by scientists... The 25m-year-old fossil was unearthed 30 years ago in South Carolina, but it has taken until now to identify that this is a new species.








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