News Headlines - 10 July 2014

Obama: US Prepared to Negotiate Ceasefire in Mideast

The president spoke to Netanyahu by telephone Thursday, another deadly day in the Mideast.
The White House says Obama reaffirmed Israel's right to defend itself from rocket attacks by Hamas militants. But he said he is concerned the violence could escalate and that all sides must do all they can to protect the lives of civilians.

Germany kicks out top US spy over espionage claims | The Seattle Times

Germany on Thursday demanded Washington's top spy in Berlin leave the country as a new round of allegations of U.S. espionage worsened the friction between the two allies.

BBC News - Taxpayers 'lost £1bn' on Royal Mail sale, MPs say

Taxpayers may have lost out on around £1bn from the undervaluing of Royal Mail, a committee of MPs has said.
The government feared failure and acted on bad advice in the run-up to the Royal Mail stock market flotation, according to a report by the Business, Innovation and Skills select committee.

Supermoon 2014: When and why will the moon look bigger and brighter this summer? - The Independent

The moon will appear unusually large and bright on Saturday evening, in the first of three so-called ‘Supermoon’ events that will take place this summer.
Stargazers will be able to catch the moon appearing to be strangely luminous at 11:25 (GMT) on Saturday evening, when it will be 222,611 miles away and in what is known as its perigee.

BBC News - Rain caused by Japan's Neoguri creates fatal landside

Heavy rain in Japan brought by Typhoon Neoguri has caused three fatalities, extensive damage and forced thousands to leave their homes.
A 12-year-old boy was killed in the central farming town of Nagiso after rocks and boulders swept away his home.








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