News Headlines - 12 July 2014

Israel expands bombing targets despite UN calls for cease-fire | Fox News

Israel expanded its Gaza bombing targets Saturday to include civilian institutions with suspected Hamas ties, despite U.N. calls for a cease fire, and announced it would hit northern Gaza "with great force" to prevent rocket attacks from there on Israel.

In eastern Ukraine, separatist rocket attacks, bus ambush kill 30 - Los Angeles Times

It was the deadliest day for the Kiev government since fighting resumed last week after a 10-day cease-fire and damped a mood of resurgency that followed the Ukrainian troops' success last weekend in sweeping out militants from their strongholds in Slovyansk and Kramatorsk.

Tony Blair could face public inquiry over on-the-runs deal - ITV News

Former prime minister Tony Blair could be called before a parliamentary inquiry to explain a 'secret' deal he made with Sinn Fein during the Irish peace process, the Sunday Telegraph reported.
The deal saw 200 letters of assurances sent to fugitives known as 'on-the-runs' telling them they were not wanted by the police in the UK.

BBC News - RAC urges government crackdown on untaxed foreign vehicles

About 60,000 foreign vehicles are registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) every year.
However, the RAC said an estimated 15,000 others are not, which it said amounts to about £3m per year in uncollected tax.

Brazil 0-3 Holland: World Cup 2014 hosts finish on losing note as Robin van Persie strikes | Mail Online

For Brazil, while they weren’t thrashed quite as badly as they had been against Germany in Tuesday night’s historic semi-final, a second successive heavy defeat on home soil was a devastating end to a campaign which promised so much.








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