News Headlines - 16 July 2014

Israel and Gaza Militants to Pause Attacks, but Invasion Is Still Seen as Likely - NYTimes.com

After nine days of Israeli aerial assaults that have killed more than 200 people in Gaza, Israel and militant groups in the territory said late Wednesday that they would suspend the attacks for five hours on Thursday as a humanitarian gesture at the request of the United Nations. But a senior Israeli military official said that the likelihood of a ground invasion to eliminate militants’ rockets launched from Gaza was “very high.”

US significantly escalates sanctions against Russia over Ukraine | theguardian.com

Barack Obama announced a significant escalation in sanctions against Russia on Wednesday, with measures targeting some of the country’s largest energy corporations and banks as punishment for Moscow’s alleged continued support for Ukrainian separatists.

Rupert Murdoch 'determined' to take control of Time Warner after $80bn bid rebuffed - Telegraph

Rupert Murdoch is bidding to create by far the world’s largest film and television company with an attempted takeover over of Time Warner that would mark a high point in a deal-making career spanning more than 60 years.
Time Warner confirmed on Wednesday that Mr Murdoch’s entertainment holding company, 21st Century Fox, last month offered $80bn (£46.7bn) in a mixture of cash and stock to aquire the rival company.

Royal Mail, TNT, FedEx Could Face Fines Under French Antitrust Probe - WSJ

French competition authorities are investigating delivery companies Royal Mail PLC, TNT Express NV and FedEx Corp. over allegations they breached antitrust laws in the parcel market, which could lead to material fines.
Royal Mail, the recently-privatized U.K. postal operator, and TNT Express, of the Netherlands, both confirmed the probe Wednesday, while U.S.-based FedEx disclosed the investigation on Monday. All three companies warned that the investigation could result in a material loss.

Ron Howard to Direct New Beatles Documentary Focusing on Band's Early Years | Rolling Stone

Film will include interviews with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison








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