News Headlines - 18 July 2014

BBC News - MH17 hit by missile from rebel-held Ukraine - Obama

US President Barack Obama has said a surface-to-air missile fired from a rebel-held area in east Ukraine brought down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Transcript: President Obama’s July 18 statement on Ukraine and Gaza - The Washington Post

Now, here's what's happened now. This was a global tragedy. An Asian airliner was destroyed in European skies, filled with citizens from many countries. So there has to be a credible international investigation into what happened. The U.N. Security Council has endorsed this investigation, and we will hold all its members, including Russia, to their word.

Amazon Unveils E-Book Subscription Service, With Some Notable Absences - NYTimes.com

After months of speculation, Amazon on Friday introduced a digital subscription service that allows subscribers unlimited access to a library e-books and audiobooks for $10 a month... So far, however, none of the five biggest publishers appear to be making their books available through the service.

AbbVie, Shire agree on $55B combination | Mail Online

The drugmaker AbbVie has reached a deal worth roughly $55 billion to combine with British counterpart Shire and become the latest U.S. company to seek an overseas haven from tax rates back home.

Japanese artist released following arrest over vagina selfie for 3D prints | The Guardian

A Tokyo-based artist known for her genital-inspired works has been released from police custody following her arrest on obscenity charges, her lawyer has said, in a case that triggered accusations of a clampdown on freedom of expression in Japan.








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