News Headlines - 22 July 2014

FAA Halts U.S. Flights to Tel Aviv | Fox Business

The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday shut down U.S. flights in and out of Israel for up to 24-hours amid escalating violence in the region.

China food scandal spreads, drags in Starbucks, Burger King and McNuggets in Japan | Reuters

The latest food scandal in China is spreading fast, dragging in U.S. coffee chain Starbucks, Burger King Worldwide Inc and others, as well as McDonald's products as far away as Japan.

Flight MH17: identification begins after bodies from crash site arrive in Kharkiv | The Guardian

International experts have begun the process of identifying the bodies of those who died in last Thursday's Malaysian Airlines plane crash, after a train carrying their remains arrived in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Tuesday.

Apple denies iOS 'backdoor' claims, says it's not working with the NSA- The Inquirer

A SECURITY EXPERT has bravely revealed that Apple has purposefully included backdoors in its iOS mobile operating system that could be exploited by law enforcement and intelligence agencies such as the US National Security Agency (NSA)... Apple has responded to the claims, and while it didn't deny that such services exist in iOS, it said that it only uses them to improve the user experience.

I, spy: Edward Snowden in exile | The Guardian

“Many of the people searching through the haystacks were young, enlisted guys, 18 to 22 years old. They’ve suddenly been thrust into a position of extraordinary responsibility, where they now have access to all your private records. In the course of their daily work, they stumble across something that is completely unrelated in any sort of necessary sense – for example, an intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually compromising situation. But they’re extremely attractive. So what do they do? They turn around in their chair and they show a co-worker. And their co-worker says, ‘Oh, hey, that’s great. Send that to Bill down the way’, and then Bill sends it to George, George sends it to Tom, and sooner or later this person’s whole life has been seen by all of these other people.”








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