News Headlines - 23 July 2014

Hillary Clinton: How badly does she want to be President? - Telegraph

With three muck-raking books out before Hillary Clinton has even announced her intention to run and new claims about Bill’s womanising, the presidential race looks set to be a very dirty fight

Seven days: 18–24 July 2014 : Nature News & Comment

Haruko Obokata, the author of two stem-cell papers that were retracted from Nature after she was found guilty of scientific misconduct, should not lose her PhD, an investigative panel ruled last week.

Japanese officials order removal of war memorial for Korean labourers | theguardian.com

The government in Gunma prefecture, north-west of Tokyo, has ordered it removed after what the Asahi Shimbun newspaper described as petitions from "anti-Korean" groups and individuals complaining that it was anti-Japanese and had become the focus of political activity in a publicly owned space.

Why 'Frozen' Was Such a Big Box-Office Hit in Japan

One factor that helped contribute to the success of Frozen was the local voice and song casting. Anna and Elsa were voiced by Sayaka Kanda and Takako Matsu, two singers and actresses whose performances received almost universal acclaim... Ari no Mama de, which translates roughly as “just as it is” and is the Japanese rendition of the “Let It Go” phrase, worked exceptionally well, and the independent-girl-power theme was a part of the film’s appeal in a conformist society that is beginning to deal with ingrained chauvinism.

Cristiano Ronaldo left dumfounded and shocked by antics of Japanese TV presenter | Mail Online

As one of the world's most famous footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo is used to making TV appearances.
But the 29-year-old would have experienced few as strange as his appearance on Japanese screens this week.








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