News Headlines - 26 July 2014

Safety and interactivity highlights of Hitachi’s new train - E & T Magazine

Hitachi Rail Europe has unveiled design of its new commuter train for the UK introducing smartphone-connected seats and advanced safety features... The AT200 train builds on technology developed for Hitachi’s intercity Express Train but comes with a completely new design which, as Hitachi said, was created using insights from passengers and train operators alike.

Jaguar Land Rover to Cut Prices on 3 Models in China - WSJ

Premium car maker Jaguar Land Rover PLC has slashed prices for two Range Rover sport-utility vehicles and a Jaguar sports car by up to 19% in China amid increased scrutiny by the Chinese government of foreign car makers' pricing policies.

Rail workers’ four-day strike to hit ‘get away’ weekend - Yorkshire Post

A four-day strike by staff from East Midlands Trains (EMT) in both Leeds and the Midlands is due to take place from tomorrow in a dispute over pay.

Google offers $30 worth unlimited music subscription on Chromecast for free

The Google Play Music All Access subscription will be available to US users and the offer will not be applicable to existing Google Play Music all-access subscription. Google has also reduced the price of Chromecast by $5 and users who by the $35 device by September will receive the $30 worth subscription from Google. A monthly subscription in Google Music costs $9.99.

Many dinosaurs were ‘fluffy like a chick’, new research suggest - The Independent

Almost every dinosaur was either covered in feathers, or had the capacity to grow fluffy 'chick-like' feathers, new findings suggest. The discovery of 150 million year old fossils in Siberia have the potential to change our portrayal of the animals, researchers say.








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