News Headlines - 28 July 2014

Israeli rejects blame for deaths at U.N. shelter - CNN.com

The Israeli military denied Sunday that it was responsible for anyone killed last week when a mortar hit the courtyard of a U.N. school that was shelter to many Gaza residents.
Officials from the United Nations and the Palestinian government said 16 people were killed and hundreds wounded on Thursday when the school in northern Gaza was struck.

Israel-Gaza conflict: We have to prepare for a long campaign, warns Netanyahu - The Independent

Speaking after the news of the death of 10 children in Gaza City, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister, said: “We have to be prepared for a prolonged campaign. We will continue to act aggressively and with judgement until the completion of our mission: defending our citizens, soldiers and children.”

Britain cuts EU migrants' access to welfare payments - Yahoo News UK

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday set out new welfare rules to cut European migrants' access to social security payments, marking the latest in a string of British measures aimed at addressing voters' concerns over immigration.

Aid Group: 2 Americans Have Ebola in Liberia - ABC News

Two American aid workers have tested positive for the Ebola virus while working to combat an outbreak of the deadly disease at a hospital in Liberia, a relief group official said.

Student’s photo of "Beast of Bodmin" could indicate large cats are breeding | Exeter Express and Echo

Experts say a teenager's snaps of what appears to be a large cat could indicate they are breeding... There has been speculation the animal in the images could be the mythical 'Beast of Bodmin'.








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