News Headlines - 29 July 2014

China Says Former Security Chief Is Being Investigated for Corruption - NYTimes.com

President Xi Jinping’s campaign against corruption among the Chinese elite took public aim on Tuesday at its biggest target so far, when the Communist Party announced an investigation of Zhou Yongkang, the former chief of domestic security.

Government Offices Attacked, Dozens Killed by Group in Western China - WSJ

A group of assailants launched coordinated attacks on government and police buildings in China's far-western Xinjiang region on Monday, leaving dozens of people dead a day before the mostly Muslim area was set to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

Ebola medical 'hero' dies in Sierra Leone | DW.DE

A senior Sierra Leone doctor who led the fight against Ebola has died. Sheik Umar Khan had contracted the virus while treating more than 100 patients. Ebola's spread in western Africa is the largest ever.

Airbus Cancels Skymark's A380 Order - WSJ

Airbus Group NV said Tuesday that it canceled an order from Japan's Skymark Airlines for six A380 superjumbo jets, the latest sign of the European plane maker's struggles to gain wide acceptance of the plane.

Driverless cars heading onto British roads in 2015 - Telegraph

The Government wants to change the rules to allow companies to start running trials of cars that do not need a human driver on UK streets, industry sources said.
It means the first computer-controlled vehicles will be seen on quiet British streets by January next year.








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