News Headlines - 31 July 2014

Are these selfies proof that Putin IS operating in the Ukraine? Photographs posted by 'Russian soldier' on Instagram were taken over the border | Mail Online

Alexander Sotkin, who says he is a communications specialist on social media, has been posting selfies to his Instagram page showing him operating military equipment... He has come under attack in his home country, where Russians have bombarded him on social media with messages criticising him for his actions.

A nation unites in memory of the Great War - Telegraph

The nation will come together today to begin commemorations of the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.
On Aug 1 1914, Germany declared war on Russia, which led to the loss of millions of lives and changed the course of history. Dozens of exhibitions and performances will be held across the country.

Police apologise after naked dead body left uncovered in the street for hours - Telegraph

Police have apologised after the naked body of a man who died after falling from a balcony was left uncovered in the street for more than three hours in broad daylight.

Video: Life hack: the perfect way to slice a watermelon - Telegraph

Using a long knife and some ingenuity, he has the entire fruit chopped into neat, even cubes and sealed in plastic bags in under two minutes ready for snacks or salads .

Around Europe in 18 cheeses - Telegraph

Where to find Europe's best cheeses, from a monastic hard cheese to crumbly Caerphilly, Bavarian Blue and Bulgarian green








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