News Headlines - 23 August 2014

Is this the same man who murdered James Foley? - Telegraph

Security agencies hunting for the killer of James Foley, the American journalist, are investigating video footage of two British jihadists taking part in the execution of a soldier captured during fighting in Syria... The footage, which was posted at the start of May on the website Instagram, shows a soldier loyal to President Bashar al-Assad crouching in a field in Syria, then being shot in the back of the head by a man armed with a pistol.

Ebola: Briton Tests Positive In Sierra Leone

A Briton living in Sierra Leone has tested positive for the deadly ebola virus... It is the first confirmed case of a British person catching the tropical infection, which kills up to 90% of people who contract it.

BBC News - Japan landslide: Rescuers race to find survivors

Rescuers have been searching desperately for survivors in Japan's Hiroshima prefecture where a landslide killed at least 42 people.
At least 43 others are missing, officials told the Kyodo news agency.

Chinese fighter jet intercepted Navy sub-hunter plane in South China Sea - Pacific - Stripes

An armed Chinese fighter jet conducted what Pentagon officials called an aggressive midair intercept of a U.S. Navy submarine-hunting aircraft during a routine patrol above international waters.

Two Galileo satellites launched into space by European Space Agency to create new GPS system end up in the wrong orbit - The Independent

European space officials say they're investigating whether the inaccurate deployment of two satellites will complicate their efforts to develop a new Galileo satellite navigation system that would rival America's GPS network.








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