News Headlines - 30 August 2014

EU to Draw Up Russia Sanction Options Within Week - WSJ

European Union leaders agreed late Saturday to draw up new options for sanctions against Russia within a week, with action to follow quickly unless Moscow takes clear steps to scale back its intervention in Ukraine.

Ukraine President Says Europe’s Security Depends on Stopping Russia - NYTimes.com

Accusing Russia of waging a campaign of “military aggression and terror” against his country, President Petro O. Poroshenko of Ukraine told European leaders here on Saturday that their own countries’ security depended on stopping Russian troops from stoking a conflict in eastern Ukraine that he said could escalate into a wider war.

BBC News - UK terror threat level raised to 'severe'

The UK's terror threat level has been raised from "substantial" to "severe" in response to conflicts in Iraq and Syria, Home Secretary Theresa May says.

Japan’s right wing: Unwelcome change | The Economist

SHINZO ABE, Japan’s prime minister, has reason to feel chuffed ahead of his first cabinet reshuffle on September 3rd. He has the same 18-member team he began with in late 2012: a record of continuity unmatched in post-war Japanese politics. But as he now succumbs to pressure from members of his party to inject new blood, he also has reason to worry: about the possibility that the cabinet’s cohesion may unravel and that right-wingers, if appointed, might push him into even greater dispute with the country’s neighbours over Japan’s wartime atrocities.

Look, no hands! I'm in Google's driverless car (and it could be finding its way to YOUR street) | Mail Online

It is the mouth you notice first, an enigmatic half-smile that draws you in. There are the eyes, wide and inviting, that cute black button nose… And, just like that, I’ve fallen in love with Google’s self-driving car.








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