News Headlines - 31 August 2014

Missing Ashya King found in Spain - Telegraph

A five-year-old boy with a brain tumour who was taken by his parents from hospital against medical advice has been found in Spain, police said.
Ashya King's family took him from Southampton General Hospital on Thursday afternoon and travelled on a ferry to France some two hours later.

North Korea hosts pro-wrestling tournament - video | The Guardian

The Pyongyang International Pro-Wrestling Contest is held in North Korea's capital with several American wrestlers taking part in the event.

Video: Google drones take on Amazon - Telegraph

Paul Kedrosky explained that the largest risk for the use of quadcopters for delivery was that humans have a tendency to injure themselves retrieving their parcels from in between the blades.
As a result, Google have experimented with using a fishing line to distance human hands from the drone.

How emoji became the first truly global language | The Observer

The emoji has come a long way from its origins as a cute footnote to text messages. Its many symbols are now used to form entire sentences. But what will we lose in translation?

Glass of wine with dinner helps you live longer, scientists claim - Telegraph

Have a glass of wine with dinner – but afterwards swap that coffee for a cup of tea, if you want to live longer, heart experts have pronounced.
New research has found that both red and white wines have a protective effect against heart disease among those who take regular exercise.








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