News Headlines - 16 September 2014

South Sudan Announces Ban on Foreign Workers

South Sudan has ordered NGOs and businesses operating in the country to fire foreign workers by mid-October and give their jobs to South Sudanese.

BBC News - Nasa backs Boeing's astronaut crew ship design

Boeing is the big winner in the competition to develop a new system to take American astronauts into orbit. It has beaten two other companies to the lion's share of US space agency (Nasa) funds, to help complete work on a seven-crew capsule known as CST-100. The vehicle, designed in Texas, should be flying people to the International Space Station (ISS) by late 2017.

BBC News - Panasonic launches Lumix camera phone with giant sensor

Panasonic has unveiled a hybrid smartphone-camera, at the Photokina trade show in Cologne.
More camera than phone, the Android device has a Leica lens and a 1in, 20-megapixel sensor more often found in Panasonic's dedicated cameras.

Cats 'are stressed because we treat them like dogs' - Telegraph

“Unlike dogs, the cat is still halfway between a domestic and a wild animal, and it’s not enjoying 21st century living,” said Dr Bradshaw, director of the Anthrozoology Institute at Bristol University.

Ten trends from London fashion week 2014 | The Guardian

Venn diagram curves
Long slouchy skirts
Bermuda shorts
Freaky nautical
Denim jackets








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