News Headlines - 22 September 2014

BBC News - Ed Miliband: Give me a decade to fix the UK

Ed Miliband is to set out a 10-year plan to reverse the damage he says has been done by the Conservatives... The BBC understands he will also announce a spending boost for the NHS in England to be paid for by a tax on homes worth more than £2m.

Cameron tries to quell party revolt over new powers for Scotland | Reuters

Prime Minister David Cameron tried to head off a rebellion in his Conservative party over a promise of new powers for Scotland, highlighting the difficulty of giving Scots what they want after last week's referendum on Scottish independence.

ISIS-linked group holds Frenchman hostage - Al Arabiya News

An Algerian militant group claimed on Monday it had kidnapped a Frenchman a day earlier and gave Paris a 24-hour deadline to end its airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Video: Tesco suspends four executives over £250m accounting scandal - Telegraph

Tesco, Britain's biggest retailer, has suspended four senior executives after uncovering a "serious issue" with its accounts that means profits for the last six months have been overstated by £250m.

Line Decides Against IPO This Year - WSJ

Line Corp., Japanese operator of a popular smartphone messaging application, said Monday that it has decided not to go ahead with an initial public offering in Japan or overseas this year.








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