News Headlines - 24 September 2014

Parliament recalled for vote on action against Isis in Iraq and Syria | Daily Express

The Prime Minister spoke after he dramatically recalled Parliament for a Commons vote tomorrow which he hopes will give him support for RAF air strikes against the militants in Iraq.
British Tornado jets could begin bombing raids within hours if, as expected, MPs give their consent.

In U.N. Speech, Obama Vows to Fight ISIS ‘Network of Death’ - NYTimes.com

President Obama on Wednesday charted a muscular new course for the United States in a turbulent world, telling the United Nations General Assembly in a bluntly worded speech that the American military would work with allies to dismantle the Islamic State’s “network of death” and warning Russia that it would pay for its bullying of Ukraine.

BBC News - Japan steps up sanctions as tensions rise with Russia

Japan has imposed additional sanctions on Russia for its involvement in the Ukraine crisis... The new sanctions curtail the activities of Russian banks in Japan and step up controls on arms exports.

India Satellite Reaches Mars Orbit on First Try - WSJ

India's space program took a giant technological leap Wednesday by putting a satellite into orbit around Mars, making it the first in Asia and the only country to succeed on its first attempt.
Carried out on a shoestring budget, India's Mars mission has given the country bragging rights in a space race with China and Japan that could have political, military and scientific consequences.

The Golden State Warriors new stadium design looks like a toilet | For The Win

The Golden State Warriors are hoping to build a new arena in the Mission Bay area of San Francisco, a few blocks down from the San Francisco Giants stadium. This week, the team released architectural renderings of the proposed development of a 12-acre sports and entertainment complex. It’s a stadium fit for kings. Their throne, mostly.








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