News Headlines - 25 September 2014

Putin demands reopening of EU trade pact with Ukraine - FT.com

Vladimir Putin has demanded a reopening of the EU’s recently-ratified trade pact with Ukraine and has threatened “immediate and appropriate retaliatory measures” if Kiev moves to implement any parts of the deal.

North Korean Leader Absent at Parliament Meeting

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was not present Thursday at the second session of the 13th Supreme People’s Assembly, raising speculation he may be ill.

Video: How Britain's strike power compares to America's - in 60 seconds - Telegraph

However, there are concerns that after years of budget cuts an extended air campaign would stretch the RAF to breaking point.
The UK's aging Tornado fleet is now 30 years old, while America has a brand new fleet of F-22s fighter jets. Meanwhile, Britain currently has just seven combat-capable air squadrons, compared to 15 for the French air force.

Tony Blair named as one of top gay icons of past 30 years | The Guardian

Tony Blair has been recognised as one of the top gay icons of the past three decades, along with figures such as Boy George, Sir Ian McKellen and Barbra Streisand.
He has been given the accolade by Gay Times to mark its 30th anniversary.

Apple hits back over ‘bendgate’ furore - FT.com

Apple said on Thursday it had received just nine complaints about bent iPhones since it released its newly enlarged smartphones last week, after facing an internet furore over claims that the design of its 6 Plus device was fundamentally flawed.








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