News Headlines - 27 September 2014

BBC News - Catalonia president signs independence referendum decree

Artur Mas wants Catalonia to hold a Scottish-style vote on 9 November, but does not have the backing of the central government in Madrid. Spain quickly denounced the move, calling the plan unconstitutional.

Egypt court postpones Hosni Mubarak verdict - Telegraph

The judge charged with sentencing Egypt’s fallen dictator Hosni Mubarak postponed his long-awaited verdict on Saturday in a bizarre court session which seemed to suggest that the former president may be acquitted of his most serious charges.

Ukip defection and 'sexting' scandal cause Tory chaos | The Observer

David Cameron suffered a devastating double blow on the eve of the Tory party conference as his minister for civil society resigned over a sex scandal and a second Conservative MP defected to Ukip.

Japan’s cabinet rocked by new claims of links to neo-Nazis who target the ethnic Korean population - The Independent

Japan’s government is weathering accusations of links to far-right groups that promote racism and hate speech.

BBC News - Mount Ontake volcano erupts in Japan

Mount Ontake in Japan erupted on Saturday, sending a large plume of ash into the sky... Japan's meteorological agency raised the alert level to three on a scale of one to five.








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