News Headlines - 29 October 2014

Fed ends bond buying, shows confidence in U.S. recovery | Reuters

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday ended its monthly bond purchase program and dropped a characterization of U.S. labor market slack as "significant" in a show of confidence in the economy's prospects.

BBC News - Unmanned US rocket Antares explodes during launch

An unmanned supply rocket bound for the International Space Station has exploded shortly after its launch from the US state of Virginia.

British jets intercept Latvian plane over southern England | Reuters

Two British Royal Air Force Typhoon jets were scrambled on Wednesday to intercept a Latvian cargo aircraft over southern England and escort it in to land at Stansted airport, but no security threat was found, officials said.

Tesco to face criminal probe after £263million hole found in profits - Business News - The Independent

Tesco’s senior bosses face the potential threat of jail after the Serious Fraud Office launched a criminal investigation into the ailing supermarket’s £263m accounting scandal.

YouTube Considers Paid, Ad-Free Subscriptions - WSJ

Google Inc.’s YouTube may give viewers the option to watch ad-free videos for a fee, according to a top executive at the Internet giant, a big change from the advertising-only approach that turned it into the world’s largest online video website.








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