News Headlines - 05 October 2014

Typhoon Heads to Tokyo After Killing US Airman - NYTimes.com

A powerful typhoon was heading toward Tokyo on Sunday after lashing southern Japan, where it killed at least one U.S. airman on Okinawa island and left two others missing, officials said.

Facebook stepping up battle against spammers who sell fake 'likes' | South China Morning Post

Facebook has revealed it has stepped up its battle against spammers who promise to deliver thousands of "likes" in return for money and warned users to beware of such scams.

'Jesus Christ didn't exist' according to Michael Paulkovich who found no mention of him in historical texts | Daily Mail Online

Historical researcher Michael Paulkovich has claimed that Jesus of Nazareth was a ‘mythical character’ and never existed.
The controversial discovery was apparently made after he found no verifiable mention of Christ from 126 writers during the ‘time of Jesus’ from the first to third centuries.
He says he is a fictional character invented by followers of Christianity to create a figure to worship.

Jules Bianchi undergoes brain surgery after Japanese Grand Prix crash | The Guardian

The Marussia driver Jules Bianchi underwent surgery after suffering a severe head injury in an accident at the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday. In heavy rain the 25-year-old’s car left the track and hit a recovery vehicle that was removing the Sauber of Adrian Sutil which had come off on the previous lap at the same corner. The race was won by Lewis Hamilton with only 47 of 53 laps possible following a red flag after Bianchi’s crash.

Jules Bianchi crash: five key questions for the F1 race organisers | The Guardian

Has complacency on safety returned to F1?
Why did the race not start earlier?
Why was the race not halted sooner?
Could safer designs help?
Why was the medical helicopter not used?








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