News Headlines - 06 October 2014

North Korea capital 'under lockdown' amid rumours of threat to Kim Jong-un - Telegraph

The North Korean capital has been placed under lockdown, according to sources with Pyongyang, raising new questions about the stability of Kim Jong-un's regime.
Quoting sources within North Korea, the respected New Focus International news web site has reported that a ban on new travel passes to leave or enter Pyongyang was introduced on September 27.

Is ultra-real 3D the future of cinema? - Telegraph

Stanley Kubrick’s former effects master has a plan to lure audiences back into cinemas – with images so real you can almost touch them.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Feud With Boston? Nevermore - NYTimes.com

Edgar Allan Poe had a love-hate relationship with the city of Boston.
He was born here in 1809 and published some of his most famous works here. But he considered Boston writers self-important and preachy, and he said so.

McCanns Twitter troll Brenda Leyland found dead in hotel room | Daily Mail Online

A church-going mother who was accused of trolling Madeleine McCann’s parents has been found dead in a hotel room... Police said the death was not being treated as suspicious.

BBC News - Height differences 'could be caused by DNA changes'

Subtle changes in our genetic make-up could help to explain why some people are taller than others, the largest ever study of height has suggested.








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