News Headlines - 10 October 2014

Security services monitoring 'thousands' of terrorism suspects in London, says Boris Johnson - Telegraph

The security services are monitoring “thousands” of terrorist suspects in London, Boris Johnson has disclosed, suggesting the threat from Islamist extremists may be far greater than has previously been admitted.

Bank of England reveals emergency measures if Scotland had voted yes | The Guardian

The Bank of England was ready to flood the financial markets with millions of pounds of emergency funding if Scotland had voted to break away from the UK in last month’s referendum.

BBC News - Hong Kong protests: Premier Li stresses social stability

China's Premier Li Keqiang says he is sure social stability can be maintained in Hong Kong, as pro-democracy protests in the region entered a third week.

Viral Photo of Great White Shark Stirs Debate Over Cages, Baiting

A schoolteacher's dramatic photo of a great white shark has gone viral, inspiring a lively Internet debate about whether it's ethical to bait sharks, many of which are threatened species, so that tourists can see them up close.

Hillsborough inquest: police admit Sun report of fans looting corpses was false | The Guardian

A South Yorkshire police inspector who was on duty at Hillsborough when 96 people died has admitted that two “nasty” allegations police made against Liverpool supporters, on which the Sun relied for its stories under the headline The Truth on 19 April 1989, were false.








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