News Headlines - 13 October 2014

'Revenge porn' is to be made illegal in the UK - The Independent

Publishing "revenge porn" is to become a new offence punishable by up to two years in prison.
The legislation, which is currently going through Parliament, will cover any private sexual image of someone that is circulated, both on and offline, without their consent and designed to cause distress.

BBC News - Eurostar rail stake touted for sale by UK government

The UK government is seeking buyers for its 40% stake in the cross-Channel train operator Eurostar to help boost the public finances.
The intention to sell was set out last year in the government's Autumn Statement and National Infrastructure Plan.
Under the plan the government hopes to raise about £20bn from corporate and financial asset sales by 2020.

BBC News - NHS staff strike in dispute over pay

Thousands of health workers, including nurses, midwives and ambulance staff, have taken part in the first strike over pay for more than 30 years.
But disruption was minimised after unions agreed staff would make sure emergency care was covered.

BBC News - North Korea: Where is Kim Jong-un?

Kim Jong-un, North Korea's 32-year-old leader, has been absent from public view for more than 38 days, prompting a flurry of speculation about the political stability of a regime notorious for its opaqueness and secrecy.

Student protest leader Joshua Wong makes three birthday wishes as he turns 18 | South China Morning Post

Student protest leader Joshua Wong turned 18 today, posting up three birthday wishes on his Facebook page just after midnight.
The co-founder of Scholarism wished for the protests to remain peaceful, that demonstrators would maintain the willpower to continue fighting for their cause, and that Beijing would revoke its strict electoral reform package, giving Hong Kong genuine universal suffrage.








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