News Headlines - 14 October 2014

North Korea says Kim Jong Un has reappeared - CNN.com

North Korean state media has attempted to end the international speculation about the whereabouts of leader Kim Jong Un by publishing the first photos of him in more than a month.

Catalonia Calls Off Spain Independence Referendum

Catalonia has dropped plans to hold a referendum on independence from Spain next month but will instead hold a “consultation of citizens”, the region's head said on Tuesday.
The Spanish government last month asked the constitutional court to declare the referendum planned for Nov. 9 illegal on the grounds that it breached the constitution. The court suspended the vote until it ruled on the case, which could take years.

Why is there so much hostility to immigrants in the UK? | theguardian.com

To explain popular racism we have to stop explaining it away, and look instead at the conditions that make sense of it

How an American suicide bomber's travels went unmonitored - U.S. - Stripes

There were no U.S. air marshals watching the newly clean-shaven passenger on the trans-Atlantic flight, no FBI agents waiting for him as he landed in Newark, N.J., in May 2013 after returning from Syria's civil war.

At the Vatican, a Shift in Tone Toward Gays and Divorce - NYTimes.com

In a marked shift in tone likely to be discussed in parishes around the world, an assembly of Roman Catholic bishops convened by Pope Francis at the Vatican released a preliminary document on Monday calling for the church to welcome and accept gay people, unmarried couples and those who have divorced, as well as the children of these less traditional families.








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