News Headlines - 15 October 2014

Ebola-Infected Health Worker in Dallas Took a Flight on Monday - NYTimes.com

The second Dallas health care worker to test positive for Ebola took a flight on Monday from Cleveland to the Dallas area the day before she reported symptoms of the disease, federal health officials said Wednesday.

BBC News - Dutch bikers join fight against Islamic State in Iraq

Three members of a Dutch motorcycle club with military backgrounds have gone to Iraq to help fight Islamic State (IS), a fellow biker says.

Stocks Turn Volatile on Global Growth Worries - NYTimes.com

Wall Street had for the most part shrugged off a recent slide in global stock markets, viewing the declines as an adjustment that was bound to take place after so many years of uninterrupted gains.

Winners and losers from oil price plunge - FT.com

One thing is certain: even the current lower prices are rapidly creating winners and losers. Losers are producers, countries and governments. If Brent falls to $80, Opec countries would lose some $200bn of their recent $1tn in earnings, affecting not only their ability to earn enough to cover the post-Arab Spring expanded budgets, but also their capacity to service debt without triggering defaults. And for the US, if prices fall much further, capital expenditures to expand production would have to be cut, potentially slowing the US shale revolution.
On the other hand, the world economy as a whole would enjoy the equivalent of a huge quantitative easing programme, helping to spur stalling economic growth. The decline in prices would generate a $1.8bn daily windfall, about $660bn annualised.

BBC Sport - Price of Football: Sports minister Helen Grant 'concerned'

The Government is "really concerned" about the rising cost of tickets, and has asked for football clubs to review their pricing... BBC Sport's Price of Football study analysed prices at 207 clubs.








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