News Headlines - 18 October 2014

Japan Unveils First Passenger Jet After 4 Years of Delays - Bloomberg

Japan unveiled its first passenger jet today after a delay of almost four years, with a helping hand from bullet-train specialists as it prepares for test flights next year.

Obama’s Pick for Ebola Coordinator Draws Criticism - Bloomberg

President Barack Obama’s choice of a long-time Democratic political operative as the nation’s Ebola response coordinator drew scorn from administration critics who said someone with a medical background is needed.

Video: Anwar Ibrahim: why I'm returning to Malaysia despite jail risk - Telegraph

Anwar Ibrahim, the figurehead of Malaysia's opposition party, has been at the heart of one of the longest-running and most personal legal battles in world politics.

BBC News - Barak Obama's credit card 'declined' at restaurant

President Barack Obama's credit card was declined at a restaurant in New York City last month, he said.

BBC News - Northamptonshire 1930 'blazing car murder': Nine families shortlisted

Scientists trying to identify an unknown murder victim from 1930 say they are down to nine strong leads... Nine families whose missing relatives match the circumstances surrounding the case are due to be DNA tested.








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