News Headlines - 27 October 2014

Army orders soldiers into isolation after returning from Ebola mission - Stripes

The Army has ordered apparently healthy U.S. soldiers returning from a mission to combat an Ebola outbreak in Africa into medical isolation amid growing fears about the spread of the disease, the Defense Department announced on Monday.

Stem cells that can kill cancer have been engineered by scientists - The Independent

The team of scientists, who experimented on mice, used genetically engineered stem cells that released cancer killing toxins, while leaving healthy cells unaffected.
Most importantly, the modified cells were able to emit the tumour killing poison without succumbing to its effects.

BBC News - 'HS3' rail link for north of England backed by HS2 boss

Prime Minister David Cameron has given the green light to plans for a high-speed "HS3" rail link in the north of England, following a report by HS2 boss Sir David Higgins.

Revealed: London plot to hijack the Loch Ness Monster from the Scots - London Evening Standard

Bosses at the Natural History Museum hatched a plan to hunt and kill the Loch Ness Monster to display its carcass in London, it has been claimed.

BBC Sport - Zinedine Zidane: Real Madrid coach gets three-month coaching ban

World Cup winner Zinedine Zidane has been suspended from coaching for three months for taking charge of a team without the right qualifications.








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