News Headlines - 24 November 2014

Obama Defense Chief Hagel Resigns Amid White House Tension - Businessweek

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is stepping down from his post after 21 months in office amid tension with the White House over strategy and the rise of new security challenges to the country.

Former Russian spy Anna Chapman features in Putin army recruitment video - Telegraph

Miss Chapman, who was deported from the US, is seen firing a Kalashnikov and training with elite Russian guards in the promotional video

Terror bill requires universities to ban extremist speakers | The Guardian

New powers for the home secretary to order universities to ban extremist speakers from their campuses are to be included in a new counter-terrorism bill.

The 'black spider' memos: Government’s last-ditch bid to keep Prince Charles’ letters secret - The Independent

Nine years after the so-called “black spider” memos written by the heir to the throne to Labour ministers were first requested by a journalist, the Supreme Court has begun to hear the latest round in attempts to bring the prince’s lobbying of Government into the public domain.

Breaking up Google is just one possible antritrust option, EU lawmakers say | PCWorld

Breaking up Google by separating its search engine from other commercial services is only one of the actions the European Commission could take to resolve the company’s antitrust problems, say members of Parliament who are proposing the split.








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