News Headlines - 28 November 2014

Sony Pictures hackers release list of possibly stolen material | siliconrepublic.com

A security breach knocked Sony Pictures’ computer system offline earlier this week, and now the hackers – who call themselves ‘The Guardians of Peace’ – have released a list of files they claim to have stolen.

Amazon: We're not out to destroy Royal Mail - Telegraph

Amazon has been accused of many things in the last two years, including not paying its taxes, damaging the high street, and mistreating staff. But now it is also fighting claims that it is trying to destroy Royal Mail.
Shares in the postal service have slumped after it warned that parcel revenues are not growing as quickly as expected because Amazon has launched its own delivery service.

Angela Merkel forces David Cameron to retreat from EU migrant cap | The Guardian

David Cameron has stepped back from a radical plan to cap directly the number of EU migrants entering Britain after an intervention from the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, who warned him she would not tolerate such an incursion into the principle of the free movement of workers.

Lower oil price could stoke US stock bubble - FT.com

Oil anchors world financial markets, and Opec has just decided to raise its anchor. The consequences could be profound, and go far beyond the power game between the traditional oil producers in the Middle East and the new generation of shale producers in North America.

At least 100 dead after Islamists launch attack on Nigerian mosque - The Independent

More than 100 people are feared to have died in a terrorist attack on a mosque in the north of Nigeria believed to have been carried out by Boko Haram.
At least 81 people died, according to staff at two hospitals, but other reports put the number of fatalities closer to 120 with a further 400 people injured.








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