News Headlines - 22 January 2015

Quantitative easing around the world: lessons from Japan, UK and US | theguardian.com

The Federal Reserve embarked on QE in November 2008 with the hope of steering the world’s largest economy through the depths of the financial crisis. When it was launched under then Fed chairman Ben Bernanke – dubbed “Helicopter Ben” for his desire to drop money out of the sky – it was, and remains, a contentious policy decision.

Prince Andrew makes first public denial of sex allegations | UK news | theguardian.com

The Duke of York has publicly denied allegations he had underage sex with an American teenager, reiterating and reaffirming previous Buckingham Palace statements rebutting the claims.
His first public response to the claims was made as he addressed an annual reception for 200 guests at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Japan Says Efforts to Contact Islamic State About Hostages Have Failed - NYTimes.com

Japanese officials said Thursday that they were trying every possible avenue to reach the Islamic State militants who have threatened to kill two Japanese hostages but had so far failed to make contact, with time running out on a deadline to pay for the men’s lives.

BBC News - Yemen crisis: President resigns as rebels tighten hold

The president of Yemen has resigned along with his prime minister in protest at the takeover of the capital Sanaa by Shia Houthi rebels.

Polish nationalists launch petition against Oscar-nominated film Ida | The Guardian

Oscar-nominated film Ida has become the subject of a vociferous complaint by a Polish nationalist organisation that has accused it of being “anti-Polish” and possessing “serious flaws” of historical fact.








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