News Headlines - 24 January 2015

Japanese hostage displays grim photo of friend's beheading the day after deadline passed for the £130million ransom to release them   | Daily Mail Online

In the film, Kenji Goto Jogo was shown holding a picture of Haruna Yukawa’s decapitated body.
Mr Goto, 47, a freelance journalist, then delivered a message in English in which he blames Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, for Mr Yukawa’s death and pleads to his wife, Rinko: ‘Don’t let Abe do the same for my case.’

BBC News - Japan PM Abe condemns hostage 'death' video

Japan's prime minister has condemned as "outrageous and unacceptable" a video declaring the murder of Japanese hostage Haruna Yukawa by Islamic State.

Green surge could hit Labour in 22 election battlegrounds, new study finds | The Observer

Ed Miliband’s chances of winning the general election are dealt a blow by research for the Observer showing the surge in support for the Greens could seriously damage Labour’s hopes in 22 seats that will help decide who enters Downing Street in May.

Teenager killed, two others injured in machete attack outside pub - Independent.ie

A man armed with a machete has killed a teenager after an altercation outside a Gloucestershire pub last night.

SkyMall: The Top 10 Products We Never Needed From the Magazine We’ll Actually Miss - ABC News

Today, after a long career entertaining those who forgot to bring their own amusement for their flight, the company that owns SkyMall magazine filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.








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