News Headlines - 25 January 2015

Greek leftists Syriza aim for landmark election win | Reuters

Greeks began voting on Sunday in an election expected to bring to power the radical leftist Syriza party, which has pledged to take on international lenders and roll back painful austerity measures imposed during years of economic crisis.

Saudi Arabian capital turns quiet for day of mourning | THE DAILY STAR

The normally gridlocked streets of the Saudi capital were quiet Sunday after King Salman declared a day of mourning for his predecessor Abdullah, and more foreign leaders made their way to the kingdom.

Windows 10 preview download is available now | PCWorld

A new build of Windows 10 preview is available for download, Microsoft announced Friday morning. Now the world (those who've signed up for the preview, that is) can sample what analysts and journalists previewed on Wednesday.

Nasa's New Horizons probe to start taking pictures of Pluto - The Independent

Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft, which has travelled three billion miles in nearly nine years in its journey to Pluto, is expected to start taking pictures of the dwarf planet from today.

Samuel L Jackson: ‘I create characters – it keeps me from being me all day’ | The Guardian

With more than 100 films under his belt, Samuel L Jackson is celebrated as one of Hollywood’s warmest and most intuitive actors. But behind the charm is a workaholic straight-talker who hasn’t time for social niceties – as Megan Conner discovers








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