News Headlines - 30 January 2015

Jordan still awaiting proof pilot held by IS safe | Daily Mail Online

Jordan has demanded evidence that the pilot who crashed in Syria on December 24 is still alive before freeing would-be suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi who is on death row.

Pakistan Shia mosque bombing kills dozens | The Guardian

Pakistan has been hit by a rising tide of sectarian violence in recent years, most of it by hardline Sunni Muslim groups targeting Shia Muslims, who make up about one in five of the population.

Tributes to churchill 50 years on | Daily Mail Online

Winston Churchill was remembered as "a great leader and a great Briton" at events to mark 50 years since the former prime minister's state funeral.

Westminster 'paedophile ring': Sir Peter Hayman named in secret file - Telegraph

National Archives paper reveals the late diplomat Sir Peter Hayman was the focus of a report into 'unnatural' sexual behaviour in the 1980s

Gulf nations want Australia expelled from Asian Football Confederation - SI.com

Some Persian Gulf nations in the Asian Football Confederation want to kick Australia out of the Federation, as the country has dominated international competition since its inclusion in 2006.








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