News Headlines - 21 February 2015

BBC News - 'Syria-bound' London girls: Please come home, families plead

Relatives of the three missing London girls believed to be heading to Syria have pleaded for them to come home.

Norway's Muslims form protective human ring around synagogue | Reuters

More than 1000 Muslims formed a human shield around Oslo's synagogue on Saturday, offering symbolic protection for the city's Jewish community and condemning an attack on a synagogue in neighbouring Denmark last weekend.

Ousted Yemeni President Calls Houthi Takeover 'Illegitimate'

Yemen's ousted president on Saturday rejected the Shi'ite rebel takeover of his country's capital and government, in a statement read on television channel al-Jazeera after he left the capital, Sana'a.

UK is “on track” to meet annual deficit target, says Osborne - Market Business News

In January the country had a £8.8bn surplus, £2.3bn more than the year before, and the highest level in seven years. This was largely thanks to corporation tax receipts, self-assessment income tax returns, and a recovering economy.

Greek reform list to comprise mainly structural actions - govt source | Daily Mail Online

Greece's list of reforms to be submitted to the euro zone on Monday comprises pledges on structural issues such as tax evasion and corruption over the next four months without specific targets, a government official said on Saturday.








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