News Headlines - 27 February 2015

Anti-Putin leader Boris Nemtsov fatally shot in Moscow

Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin, was shot and killed late Friday in the shadow of the Kremlin only two days before he was to speak at a major anti-government rally.

NHTSA ramps up Takata airbag investigation. Forced recall ahead? - CSMonitor.com

The NHTSA has announced plans to ramp up its investigation of Takata, the airbag company linked to several deaths in recent years. This week, the agency announced several changes that boost the likelihood of broader recalls of Takata airbags.

​Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence aces Atari gaming challenge | ZDNet

Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence unit has shown that, given little more than a few pixels to play with, its algorithm can not only learn how to play computer games from scratch - but go on to ace them after a few hours of practice.

Madonna falls off stage during Brit awards - video | The Guardian

Madonna fell backwards down several steps during her televised Brit Awards performance. The singer was performing her new single Living for Love when the cape she was wearing appeared to get caught up in one of her dancers, causing the singer to tumble backwards. The 56 year-old brushes herself off and continues with the rest of her song

Why Ichiro is glad to be a Marlin — and away from Joe Girardi | New York Post

A smiling Ichiro went through his first official workout with Miami on Tuesday. He is thrilled to be a Marlin, and although Ichiro will not say it, for he is much too polite and professional, he is happy to be away from Joe Girardi as his manager.
Ichiro was sometimes perplexed by the way he was used by Girardi. Hard lessons were learned in his time with the Yankees. Ichiro said he grew as a person.








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