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News Headlines - 31 March 2015

UK GDP rise beats expectations | Fundweb

The UK economy beat expectations of growth in the fourth quarter of last year, rising by 0.6 per cent.
The Office for National Statistics increased its measure of growth for the economy from 0.5 per cent – a surprise move. GDP rose 2.8 per cent in 2014, compared with 2013, revised up 0.2 percentage points from the previously published estimate.

Living standards key to UK election as data shows slowest recovery since 1920s | The Guardian

Living standards have been thrust to the centre of the general election campaign as official figures showed Britain is undergoing the slowest recovery since the 1920s and GDP per head still remains lower than levels before the recession.

McDonald’s Will Test Breakfast All Day at San Diego Stores - Bloomberg Business

McDonald’s Corp. will experiment with serving breakfast all day at some San Diego-area locations as Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook seeks to pull the restaurant chain out of a U.S. sales slump.

Jay Z enlists top acts to promote new streaming service - FT.com

Jay Z has enlisted some of music’s biggest names as equity partners in his new streaming music service, offering stock and cash in exchange for promotional and marketing support from artists including Madonna and Kanye West.
At least 15 artists were named on Monday as co-owners of Tidal, the streaming service acquired by Jay Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, via his recent $56m acquisition of Aspiro, a Swedish music company.

Jamie Oliver claims Gordon Ramsay is 'deeply jealous' of his success - NZ Herald News

Jamie Oliver has accused Gordon Ramsay of being consumed with envy over his multi-million success, which sees him worth almost twice as much as his Hell's Kitchen peer.

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米情報機関に車が突入図り警官が発砲、女装の男1人死亡:AFPBB News

米メリーランド(Maryland)州フォートミード(Fort Meade)にある国家安全保障局(National Security Agency、NSA)の構内に30日、女装した男2人が乗った車が突入を図り、警察官が発砲した。この事件で容疑者1人が死亡、もう1人の容疑者と警察官1人が負傷した。

東京新聞:イエメン空爆、避難民45人死亡 5日連続


副操縦士、過去に自殺傾向 免許に「要治療」:国際:中日新聞(CHUNICHI Web)


フランス・スペイン、地方選で与党が敗北 極右も伸びず  :日本経済新聞


温室ガス「日本は40%削減を」 英大臣から異例の書簡:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 30 March 2015

Personal details of world leaders accidentally revealed by G20 organisers | The Guardian

The personal details of world leaders at the last G20 summit were accidentally disclosed by the Australian immigration department, which did not consider it necessary to inform those world leaders of the privacy breach.

MI6 boss Alex Younger warns of online arms race against terrorists | Daily Mail Online

In his first public speech, Alex Younger made a series of pointed references to how UK intelligence agencies operate within some of the strictest laws in the world while our enemies were ‘unconstrained’.
His comments will be seen as a rejection of the barrage of criticism aimed at MI6, MI5 and GCHQ by US ‘whistleblower’ Edward Snowden and his supporters in the UK. Snowden’s cheerleaders claim he exposed mass unauthorised surveillance by the security services.

RBS investment bank head resigns weeks after joking it was boring on Snapchat | City A.M.

However, according to reports in the Financial Times, Cullinan has fallen out with management over strategy. Earlier this month tabloid newspaper The Sun published Snapchat messages he had sent to his daughter which read "Boring meeting", "Not a fan of board meetings", and "Another friggin' meeting".

Japan expected to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank - FT.com

Japan is likely to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank within a few months, according to the country’s ambassador to Beijing, a move that would see Tokyo break ranks with Washington and leave the US as the only big holdout.

Piketty's Three Big Mistakes - Bloomberg View

The first is that Piketty doesn’t take depreciation into account... His second point is that much of the income that went to capital owners in the last six decades has been from capital gains -- from stock prices going up, rather than from an increase in book value (the total net value of the assets owned by companies)... But Rognlie’s third point is perhaps the most interesting. Economists combine a lot of different things into “capital,” such as machines, buildings and land. Rognlie points out that almost all of the increase in the value of capital over Piketty’s timeline comes from land, instead of from other forms of capital. In other words, it’s landlords, not corporate overlords, who are sucking up the wealth in the economy. It’s a dramatic, startling insight that was somehow overlooked before Rognlie came along.

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「ドア開けろ」機長絶叫 ドイツ旅客機墜落 | どうしんウェブ


焦点:ユーロとドラクマ併用論浮上、資金難のギリシャで苦肉の策 | Reuters


富士フイルム、米国のiPS細胞の開発・製造会社を買収 | Reuters

富士フイルムホールディングスは30日、iPS細胞の開発・製造を手掛ける米セルラー・ダイナミクス(CDI)(ICEL.O: 株価, 企業情報, レポート)を、株式公開買い付け(TOB)により買収すると発表した。成長の柱と位置付けている医療分野を強化する。

今度はキツネカフェ、「人との和解」掲げオープン 英ロンドン:AFPBB News

5月に期間限定でイーストロンドン(East London)地区にオープン予定のカフェ「スティービー・ザ・フォックス(Stevie the Fox)」では、飼いならされた6匹の若いキツネたちとの触れ合いが楽しめる。
 店内では温かい飲み物各種とともに、キツネをブランド名に冠した英国の代表的な菓子「フォックス・ビスケット(Fox's Biscuits)」や「フォックス・グレーシャー・ミントキャンデー(Fox's Glacier Mints)」が提供される。

バレンシアの地元警察がスペイン代表チームへの不満をツイート | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 29 March 2015

British Airways frequent flier accounts hacked - Telegraph

Hackers have accessed tens of thousands of British Airways frequent flier accounts.
The airline said no personal information has been viewed or stolen, and it has frozen affected accounts for the next day or so while it resolves the issue.

Plea over Richard III Order of Service eBay sales - BBC News

The sale of Orders of Service from Richard III's reinterment on the internet has prompted an appeal from church authorities.

Amanda Knox acquitted: Meredith Kercher's family 'bitter' about Italian court's verdict - The Independent

The lawyer representing the family of the murdered 21-year-old Meredith Kercher said yesterday that there was a “great sense of bitterness” over the decision of an Italian court to absolve definitively Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito of a role in the killing.

Fertility treatment: Why British women are travelling abroad - Telegraph

With claims of better success rates, pioneering treatments and cheaper IVF, foreign fertility clinics are cleaning up. So are 'fertility tourists' really getting a better deal? Anna Magee investigates

Ellen Pao Loses Silicon Valley Bias Case Against Kleiner Perkins - NYTimes.com

The plaintiff, Ellen Pao, had accused the firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, of discriminating against her in the course of her employment and eventual dismissal.
The decision handed Kleiner a sweeping victory in a case that had mesmerized Silicon Valley with its salacious details while simultaneously amplifying concerns about the lack of diversity in the technology industry.

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米FRB議長、年内の利上げ開始示唆 金利正常化は段階的と強調 | Reuters


知っている日本人、米で1位「昭和天皇」 6カ国で調査:朝日新聞デジタル


ゾンビOSSが危ない - [1]オープンソースソフトウエアにも寿命がある:ITpro


CNN.co.jp : 余った外貨でレトロゲー、収益は寄付 スウェーデンの空港


イケア、組み立て式難民シェルター初受注 | Reuters


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News Headlines - 28 March 2015

It’s time to tackle ‘lie-to-fly’ culture among pilots | Toronto Star

The suspicion that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz intentionally crashed a Germanwings flight into the French Alps once again raises the uncomfortable question of pilot mental health.

General Election 2015: The 60 seats that could decide the outcome - General Election 2015 - The Independent

However, even if Labour were to win all of the 70 most vulnerable Tory-held seats (and Labour needs to gain 70 seats to win a majority on 7 May) there is still no guarantee that the party would secure the 326 seats it needs for victory. Conversely, the Conservatives could conceivably win an overall majority without capturing a single Labour-held seat.

Volvo unveils reflective spray paint to make cycling at night safer | Metro News

The Swedish car manufacturer collaborated with Grey London and Albedo100 to create LifePaint, a washable formula that lasts for 10 days and is completely invisible until light hits it, at which point it glows bright white.

First Apple Watch apps already available in the App Store (+video) - CSMonitor.com

Curious how a Target app will function on the Apple Watch? Apple is giving consumers a little preview with a host of apps released with Apple Watch support on Friday.

Coleman: We'll keep improving « Express & Star

Chris Coleman has warned Wales' Group B rivals his side will continue to improve in the second half of the Euro 2016 qualifiers.

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ギリシャ、年金や給与を削減せず 財政改革の詳細案 - 西日本新聞




【ラグビー】ジェバンスCEOが辞任 9月開幕の2015年W杯組織委 - 産経ニュース


トーマス・トランストロンメル氏が死去 ノーベル文学賞の詩人  :日本経済新聞


『007 スペクター』本編映像がついに公開!ボンドの過去と悪の組織がつながる? - シネマトゥデイ

ダニエル・クレイグ主演のシリーズ最新作『007 スペクター』から、ファン待望の特報が公開された。ボンドの過去と、悪の組織「スペクター」のつながりに迫るような、衝撃的な映像が展開する。

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News Headlines - 27 March 2015

Carney says BoE rates likely to rise, contrasts with Haldane | Daily Mail Online

The Bank of England expects its next move in interest rates to be an increase not a cut despite record low inflation, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said on Friday, underscoring his difference of view with the Bank's chief economist.

Japan’s Zero Inflation a Setback for Abenomics - WSJ

The core gauge of Japanese consumer prices was flat from a year earlier in February, deepening worries Japan is heading back toward deflation two years after its central bank launched a radical economic-revival program.

Facebook completes first drone flight above UK, Mark Zuckerberg confirms - Telegraph

Solar powered drones which provide internet access to rural and remote areas have been trialled in UK for first time by Facebook... Solar panels attached to the wings of the drones mean that they will be able to keep going at altitudes of 60,000 ft for months at a time.

Pregnant Kate Middleton makes last public appearance before the birth of her second baby - hellomagazine.com

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, have made their last public appearance together before they become parents for the second time. On Friday the royal couple showed their support for young people in south London, stepping out in Deptford, Gipsy Hill and Sydenham, to see first-hand how serveral charities help and provide services to youngsters in schools and local communities.

A year in space: Trio ride Russian rocket to International Space Station - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

American astronaut Scott Kelly and his Russian counterpart Mikhail Kornienko have blasted off on a mission to spend an entire year away from the Earth... The trip is Nasa's first attempt at a one-year space flight, anticipating Mars expeditions that would last two to three years.

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オリンパス、海外の機関投資家らと和解 最大110億円賠償 虚偽記載問題  :日本経済新聞


米アップルのクックCEO、全資産143億円寄付へ=米誌 | Reuters


英中銀のブロードベント副総裁:デフレ長期化リスクは「低い」 - Bloomberg


日ポルトガル首相、海上安保の協力強化で一致  :日本経済新聞


アップル、ロンドン・パリ・東京のデパートにApple Watch専門店開店を発表 - iPhone Mania

アップルはロンドン、パリ、東京のデパート内に、3店舗のApple Watch専門ショップを4月10日にオープンすると公式に案内しています。……今回開店する店舗は、ロンドンはセルフリッジズ、パリはギャラリー・ラファイエット、東京は伊勢丹の中に開設されます。

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News Headlines - 26 March 2015

South Korea Says It Will Join China-Led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank - WSJ

South Korea said Thursday it would join China’s planned development bank, the latest U.S. ally to sign up to an institution viewed with skepticism by Washington.

Fred Goodwin told to hand over private emails in Royal Bank of Scotland lawsuit - Telegraph

Fred Goodwin has been told to disclose personal emails he sent in the run-up to Royal Bank of Scotland’s 2008 rights issue, as part of a £4bn court case.
The bank’s former chief executive, who lost his knighthood over the bank’s collapse, is among a number of ex-directors who will have to reveal the private email accounts used to discuss the controversial share sale.

Obama's strategy suffers setback in Yemen - CNN.com

President Barack Obama has pointed to Yemen to boast that his new global anti-terror strategy was thriving... Yemen was the petri dish for Obama's concept of how to fight Islamic extremists with a hybrid warfare of U.S. drone strikes, special forces and on-the-ground intelligence provided by local partners.

Sony Takes Over ‘Robotech,’ Plans Film Franchise (EXCLUSIVE) | Variety

Sony Pictures has secured rights to the popular anime series “Robotech” and views the project as a potential film franchise.
The studio hopes to move quickly into production on the live-action feature, with Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton (“300,” “The Immortals”) producing and Michael Gordon (“300,” “GI Joe”) writing the script. The series centered on humanity’s use of robot technology to fend off alien invaders and has an “Independence Day” meets “Star Wars” vibe. It is seen as having the global appeal necessary to become a blockbuster property.

The galaxy collisions that shed light on unseen parallel Universe - The Independent

The results of a study appear to confirm dark matter makes up an unseen, parallel Universe composed of sub-atomic particles that do not interact at all with the visible matter of the stars and planets.

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パイロットの1人、操縦室外にいた可能性も 独機墜落:朝日新聞デジタル


CNN.co.jp : 米軍の装甲車列、欧州で示威の長距離「進軍」 ロシア牽制


CNN.co.jp : 速度制限に従う車 フォードが開発


スイス中銀、2014年末頃に270億ドル相当の外貨買い フラン高抑制 | マネーニュース | Reuters


リチャード3世の血縁と判明 英俳優カンバーバッチさん - 47NEWS(よんななニュース)


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News Headlines - 25 March 2015

Jeremy Clarkson dropped by BBC after damning report into attack on producer | The Guardian

The BBC announced on Wednesday that it has dropped Jeremy Clarkson after the Top Gear presenter was responsible for an “unprovoked physical and verbal attack” that left a colleague bleeding and seeking hospital treatment.

Japan's electoral system called into question again - Xinhua

The Tokyo High Court on Thursday dismissed plaintiffs' demands to nullify the results of the Dec. 14 Lower House election in 11 prefectures across Japan, ruling that the uppermost voter-district ratio disparity of 2.13 times was constitution.

Bataan Death March survivor, 97, finishes 8.5-mile memorial march - Stripes

For the eighth time, Bataan Death March survivor Col. Ben Skardon finished his 8.5-mile memorial trek through a course at White Sands Missile Range, N.M.

Experts Back Angelina Jolie Pitt in Choices for Cancer Prevention - NYTimes.com

Cancer experts said Tuesday that the actress and filmmaker Angelina Jolie Pitt was wise to have had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed last week because she carries a genetic mutation, BRCA1, that significantly increases the risk of ovarian cancer, a disease so difficult to detect that it is often found only at an advanced, untreatable stage.

Fox Revives ‘X-Files’ With Original Cast for Six-Episode Run - Bloomberg Business

Fox broadcast network, stuck in last place in the audience ratings, is reviving the sci-fi show “The X-Files” with a six-episode miniseries, reuniting the creator and original cast in a production starting later this year.

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「ドイツ旅客機墜落、急減圧で失神した可能性も」 News i


墜落のドイツLCC、デュッセルドルフの邦人利用多く | どうしんウェブ


欧州初の人民元建てMMF、ロンドン証取に中国建設銀ETF上場 | Reuters


CNN.co.jp : NY・ロンドン間のドライブ2万キロ? ロシアが道路構想


ジェレミー・クラークソン「トップギア」解雇へ…プロデューサーを殴り - シネマトゥデイ


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News Headlines - 24 March 2015

Germanwings Airbus A320 crashes in French Alps with 150 people on board: latest - Telegraph

Germanwings plane flying from Barcelona to Dusseldorf disappeared off the radar before crashing near Digne-les-Bains

Officers cleared of wrongdoing over Mark Duggan shooting by police watchdog | Metro News

The armed officers involved in the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan – which sparked the worst riots in recent times – have been cleared of any wrongdoing by the police watchdog.
Duggan, 29, was shot twice by police after officers stopped the minicab he was in in Tottenham, north London, in August 2011.

Yemen asks U.N. to back military action by 'willing countries' | Daily Mail Online

Yemen asked the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday to back military action by "willing countries" to combat an advance by Shi'ite Muslim Houthi militia, according to a letter from President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi seen by Reuters.

Catastrophic event is 'imminent' but we still have tens of billions of years left | Daily Mail Online

According to a new study, galaxies could rip themselves to shreds in tens of billions of years – a relatively short time in cosmological terms.
If the scientists are right about their theory, it may help explain the presence of dark energy and why the rate of expansion in the universe has accelerated.

England's Only Wild Beavers Returned to Devon River : Discovery News

Yesterday the only known wild beavers in England were released back to their Devon home river, after they were cleared by officials of any diseases that could harm humans.
The beavers -- four adults and one juvenile -- were set free alongside the River Otter after having been temporarily captured last month so they could be tested for health issues that included bovine tuberculosis and a parasitic tapeworm harmful to humans called Echinococcus multilocularis.

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独旅客機、仏アルプスで墜落=148人搭乗、生存は絶望か - Ameba News


【リー・クアンユー氏死去】「現実主義のエリート政治家」 - 産経ニュース


CNN.co.jp : 米国民8割、ISISは自国に「深刻な脅威」


CNN.co.jp : 「コーラン焼却」の女性を集団で暴行、殺害か アフガン


大道芸めぐる新ガイドライン発布、ロンドン 写真3枚 国際ニュース:AFPBB News


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News Headlines - 23 March 2015

PM Branded 'Arrogant' As Third Term Ruled Out

The criticism came after the PM said he was standing for election to serve for a full second term but would quit after that.
He also named three of his senior colleagues - Home Secretary Theresa May, Chancellor George Osborne and London mayor Boris Johnson - as potential successors as Conservative leader when he steps down.

UK risks economic blow outside EU - Open Europe study - BBC News

Leaving the EU could cost the UK economy 2.2% of total output (GDP) by 2030, a study by the think-tank Open Europe says.
That would be the worst-case "Brexit" scenario, the study concludes. But GDP could rise by 1.6% if the UK negotiated a free trade deal with Europe and pursued "very ambitious deregulation".

Thousands gather to pay respects to the last King of the House of York | ITV News

The last King of the House of York , Richard the Third, is to be re-buried this week in Leicester Cathedral 530 years after he died in battle... A legal challenge for the remains to be brought to York Minster was defeated in a modern-day battle in the courts.

Smugglers Use Drone To Fly Drugs Into Prison

Bedfordshire Police have confirmed that smugglers attempted to use a drone to send drugs, screwdrivers, a knife and a mobile phone to inmates at a high-security prison.

Scores evacuated from London homes after unexploded WWII bomb is found | Daily Mail Online

More than 1,200 people have been evacuated from their homes after a huge unexploded Second World War bomb was discovered on a building site in London.
The 1,000lb ordnance, measuring five foot long with a tail fin, was found by construction workers on the old site of the Southwark Irish Pensioners Centre in Southwark, south east London, this morning.

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CNN.co.jp : 米共和党クルーズ上院議員、2016年大統領選の出馬表明


リチャード3世再埋葬へ 遺骨を大聖堂に移送 | どうしんウェブ


モンサンミッシェルが「孤島」に、春の大潮シーズン到来 仏:AFPBB News


火星にはやっぱり、巨大な海があった:研究結果 « WIRED.jp


ジェラード、わずか39秒退場「全責任負う」リバプールはマンUに敗戦 ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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News Headlines - 22 March 2015

US, Japan Mark 70 Years Since Battle of Iwo Jima

U.S. and Japanese officials gathered Saturday on the tiny Japanese island of Iwo Jima to mark the 70th anniversary of one of the most iconic battles of World War II.

BBC News - China, Japan and South Korea hold renewed talks

The foreign ministers of China, Japan and South Korea have met for their first talks in three years.
The meeting in Seoul is thought to have focused on ways to ease tensions over territorial and diplomatic disputes.

BBC News - Tory candidate suspended over vote-winning allegations

A Conservative candidate at the general election has been suspended over allegations he schemed with the English Defence League to win votes.

Tunisia Hunts for 3rd Man in Museum Attack

A third attacker in the deadly assault on the Bardo museum is on the run, Tunisia's president said Sunday, declaring his country at war with the extremists who killed 21 people at one of North Africa's most revered cultural institutions.

BBC Sport - Referees' chief Mike Riley: Video technology will prevent errors

Video technology to help referees cut out clear mistakes should be introduced in English football, says referees' chief Mike Riley.

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ローマ法王:原発は「バベルの塔」 現代文明のひずみ指摘 - 毎日新聞


イラン核開発問題 欧米は一段の譲歩迫る考え NHKニュース




ラグビー、アイルランドが2連覇 欧州6カ国対抗|福井新聞ONLINE


CNN.co.jp : J・ビーバーが隣人から訴えられる 嫌がらせ行為で


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News Headlines - 21 March 2015

Police target six key IRA suspects - Telegraph

Six IRA terror suspects thought to be behind some of the worst atrocities committed on mainland Britain are facing major new police investigations, the Telegraph can disclose.
The alleged terrorists had all been told that they would not face arrest because they had received so-called “comfort letters” under a controversial peace deal drawn up by Tony Blair.

Party leaders agree to TV election debate - FT.com

There will be no head-to-head debate between David Cameron and Ed Miliband under a deal announced by Britain’s leading broadcasters on Saturday afternoon setting out four pre-election TV events.

Tunisia arrests more than 20 in crackdown since museum attack | Reuters

Tunisian authorities have arrested more than 20 suspected militants in a nationwide security crackdown since gunmen killed 23 people, mostly foreign tourists, in Wednesday's attack in the capital, the government said.

Map shows £15 billion plan to turn Britain into giant motorway | Metro News

The roads are part of a £15billion overhaul of the nation’s highways being planned by the government.
Up to 18 busy A-roads will be revamped, with roundabouts and traffic lights stripped out, to cut delays.

Solar eclipse: huge power surge as disappointed Brits headed indoors for a cup of tea - Telegraph

It was a very British eclipse. Millions gathered in the cold to witness, well, not very much, before returning to their homes to put the kettle on, sparking a power surge in the National Grid... It was estimated that around 40 million Brits could not see the phenomenon, around two thirds of the population.

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スイスも参加表明、中国主導銀行 欧州から6カ国目 | どうしんウェブ


イエメン自爆攻撃で少なくとも137人死亡、背後にイスラム国か | Reuters


CNN.co.jp : パキスタンで弁護士殺害、ビンラディン追跡協力の医師を弁護


CNN.co.jp : ヒトラー署名入り「わが闘争」が競売に


北極圏で皆既日食 天体ショーに歓声


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News Headlines - 20 March 2015

BBC News - Steady expansion of Russian military exercises

Russia has announced that 80,000 troops and more than 200 aircraft are taking part in a series of military exercises across the country.
The massive show of force involving the army, navy and air force is believed to be in response to the deployment of American military equipment including tanks in the Baltic states and Poland.

Ali 'greatest' tribute to Charles (From The Northern Echo)

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has welcomed the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall to his home city of Louisville - describing the heir to the throne as "the greatest".

How will new £1 coin work in vending machines and trolleys? - BBC Newsbeat

From 2017 the round pound we know today will be redesigned to have 12 sides - much like the threepence piece which was last used in 1971.

Design News - Blog - AeroMobil Says it Will Put a Flying Car on the Market in 2 Years

The company has already unveiled a prototype for its "Flying Roadster," the AeroMobil 3.0. The two-seater functions as both a car and personal airplane, measuring at about 328 x 236 inches in airplane mode and 88 x 236 inches in car mode with its wings collapsed -- thin enough but too long to qualify as a compact car in the US.

BBC Sport - German Grand Prix cut from Formula 1 schedule

The German Grand Prix has been cut from the Formula 1 calendar for 2015, leaving just 19 races on the schedule.

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CNN.co.jp : オバマ米大統領、イスラエルとの関係「見直し」伝える


ロシア「金正恩、5月の勝戦70周年記念式に出席」 | 中央日報


伊タイヤ大手ピレリ、アジア企業への身売りも=現地紙 | Reuters


伊サッカー1部リーグのパルマ破産…会長ら逮捕 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


CNN.co.jp : 2022年W杯、11~12月開催を決定 FIFA


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News Headlines - 19 March 2015

EU moves towards extending Russia sanctions - FT.com

EU leaders took the first step towards extending their sweeping economic sanctions against Russia on Thursday night, agreeing that the measures would be maintained unless last month’s ceasefire agreement reached in Minsk was fully implemented by Moscow.

Two killed and more than 10 injured in Swedish pub shooting | World news | The Guardian

Two men have been killed and more than 10 wounded after gunmen opened fire in a pub, in a suspected gang-related attack in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, police have said.

Japan's Sharp to cut 6,000 jobs in global restructuring: source | Reuters

Japan's loss-making Sharp Corp intends to cut 12 percent of its workforce in a global restructuring expected to cost more than $1.7 billion, a person familiar with the plan said on Thursday.

Tag Heuer to make smartwatches with Google and Intel | Gadgets, Lifestyle Features, The Philippine Star | philstar.com

Watch out Apple: Swiss company Tag Heuer is developing its own smartwatch with tech rivals Google and Intel... Tag Heuer's version is expected to be ready at the end of the year. The companies did not say what it will look like or how much it will cost, but watches from the luxury timepiece maker typically cost $1,000 and up.

English genomes share German and French DNA while Romans and Vikings left no trace | Daily Mail Online

We like to think of ourselves as being different from our European neighbours.
But the English owe a lot to the French and a fair amount to the Germans – at least as far as our genes are concerned.

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チュニジアの襲撃事件、日本人含む20人死亡―民主化プロセスに暗雲 - WSJ




仏「シャルリ・エブド」 福島第一原発を風刺か NHKニュース


CNN.co.jp : 店内での「かくれんぼ」やめて 家具大手イケア


Twitterアカウント「@japan」、政府が運用開始 スペインの男性から譲り受け - ITmedia ニュース

同アカウントはスペイン在住のハビエル・カスターニョさん(@xabel)から譲り受けた。今年2月に米Washington Postが掲載したインタビューによると、カスターニョさんは、アカウントを取得して当事者に高く売りつける「スクワッティング」行為から守るためとして著名な国名・都市名のアカウントを多く登録し、現地機関などに譲渡してきた。

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News Headlines - 18 March 2015

Tunisia attack: eight reported killed as gunmen storm Tunis museum | The Guardian

One Tunisian among the dead, according to interior ministry, after three men reportedly dressed in military-style clothing storm Bardo museum in Tunis

BBC News - Lawyer for 'Bin Laden doctor' killed in Pakistan

A former lawyer for the Pakistani doctor who helped the US find Osama Bin Laden has been killed by gunmen in the north-western city of Peshawar.

BBC News - US tycoon Robert Durst 'had revolver and marijuana'

A US millionaire charged with murder in Los Angeles appeared before a judge in New Orleans for a second day, to face new drug and weapons charges.

Nintendo Brings Mario to Your Smartphone and Teases Secret NX Project - ABC News

Nintendo announced today the company is bringing the beloved cartoon plumber and his brother, Luigi, along with a host of other classic characters to mobile devices through a partnership with Japanese gaming company DeNa Co.

BBC News - Average Scottish house price 'hits record high'

Average prices soared to nearly £167,000 in January. This was more than £1,200 higher than the previous peak reached in May 2008, during the last housing boom.

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米大統領夫人ミシェルさんが来日 NHKニュース


ドイツZEW景気期待指数、昨年2月以来の高水準 | Reuters


欧州電力界、日食で「前例ない試練」 太陽光発電ほぼ全停止へ:AFPBB News




トイレ臭すぎて飛行機引き返す、離陸10分後「安全衛生問題に関わる」。 | Narinari.com


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News Headlines - 17 March 2015

St Patrick’s Day: Cultural feast all over Ireland

The Cork parade got under way at 1pm on the South Mall. It moved on to Grand Parade, St Patrick’s Street before finishing at Merchant’s Quay.

Budget 2015: The death of the annual tax return - Telegraph

George Osborne will use his Budget to announce the end of the annual tax return within the next five years.

Schoolboy, 15, wins competition to design new £1 coin - Telegraph

A schoolboy has won the competition to design the “tails” side of the new £1 coin, which will be based on the old threepenny bit.

BBC News - Prince Harry to leave the Army in June

Prince Harry has said he is looking forward to a "new chapter" in his life after it was confirmed he will leave the Army in June.

Frenchman Smuggles Russian Wife Into EU in Suitcase | The Moscow Times

A 60-year-old Frenchman, apparently desperate to bring his young Russian wife to the European Union, was caught smuggling the woman into Poland in a suitcase, media reports said.

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中国「アジアインフラ銀」、ドイツ・フランス・イタリア参加の意向 | Reuters


番組収録中に「殺人告白」、米富豪を逮捕:AFPBB News


CNN.co.jp : ブラジル全土で大規模なデモ、大統領退陣を要求


日EU、個人情報の移転可能に 規制統一で協力  :日本経済新聞


C・ロナウド、ブーイングするマドリーサポーターに放送禁止用語? - Goal.com


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News Headlines - 16 March 2015

BBC News - US tycoon Robert Durst 'didn't mean' confession, lawyers say

A lawyer for an American millionaire accused of murder says his client is innocent and is ready to stand trial.
Robert Durst was recorded saying in private that he had "killed them all", in a documentary about his connections to three unsolved deaths.

Oil Is Getting Slammed Again, and Falling to Its Lowest Level in Years - Bloomberg Business

Oil has taken another big tumble. The price of a barrel has dropped more than 4 percent, to a six-year low, dipping slightly below $43 per barrel.

BBC News - Cyril Smith child abuse probe 'scrapped after his arrest'

An undercover police operation that gathered evidence of child abuse by Cyril Smith and other public figures was scrapped shortly after the MP was arrested, BBC Newsnight has been told.

McDonald’s U.S. workers file complaints over burns | Toronto Star

McDonald’s workers in 19 U.S. cities have filed complaints over burns from popping grease, a lack of protective equipment and other workplace hazards, according to labour organizers.

BBC News - Richard III's remains sealed inside coffin at Leicester University

Richard III's remains have been sealed inside a coffin for the first time since his death more than five centuries ago.
The former king's skeleton was found buried under a car park - the site of a former chapel - in Leicester in 2012.

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ロシア、ウクライナ政変で核の使用準備 プーチン大統領が明かす | どうしんウェブ


中国が兵器輸出でドイツ抜き世界3位に、米ロに次ぐ=報告書 | Reuters


マネロン疑惑の欧州銀スペイン子会社、預金流出で債務超過状態に | Reuters


アップルのクックCEO、生前のジョブズ氏に肝臓提供を持ちかけ - WSJ

米アップルの共同創業者スティーブ・ジョブズ氏が生前、膵臓(すいぞう)がんの診断を受けたあと、現最高経営責任者(CEO)のティム・クック氏が肝臓の提供を申し出ていたことがわかった。近く出版されるジョブズ氏の伝記「Becoming Steve Jobs(スティーブ・ジョブズになること)」(ランダムハウス)で明らかにされる。

CNN.co.jp : 「世界一危険な道」、立入禁止解除へ スペイン


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News Headlines - 15 March 2015

BBC News - Turkey sends teenagers back to UK after Syria attempt

Three teenagers who were stopped from travelling to Syria from Turkey have been flown back to the UK and arrested, Scotland Yard has said.

Sir Elton John boycotts Dolce & Gabbana after row over same-sex families - Telegraph

Sir Elton John has called for a boycott of fashion label Dolce & Gabbana after the legendary designers criticised same-sex families.

Would Top Gear survive without Jeremy Clarkson? | The Guardian

Is it time for the BBC to let the fracas-prone Clarkson and his mates go, and to reinvent the show’s format with fresher talent?

UK's first 'poo bus' goes into regular service | The Guardian

Britain’s first “poo bus”, which runs on human and household waste, goes into regular service this month.
Powered by biomethane gas, the Bio-Bus will use waste from more than 32,000 households along its 15-mile route.

Thousands expected in north Scotland to catch rare solar eclipse | The Guardian

Thousands of visitors are expected to flock to the north of Scotland and its outlying islands next week in order to enjoy some of the most complete views of the solar eclipse available in Europe.

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ドイツ、2016年も財政黒字 予算案、赤字国債発行せず  :日本経済新聞


プリウス、エコじゃない? 米規制、HVより次世代優遇:朝日新聞デジタル


CNN.co.jp : エジプト、新首都計画を発表 総工費約5.5兆円


大塚家具、助言大手2社とも社長支持に 委任状争奪戦:朝日新聞デジタル


ハミルトンがF1開幕戦V バトンは完走最下位 - モーター : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 14 March 2015

US attacks UK’s ‘constant accommodation’ with China - FT.com

The Obama administration accused the UK of a “constant accommodation” of China after Britain decided to join a new China-led financial institution that could rival the World Bank.
The rare rebuke of one of the US’s closest allies came as Britain prepared to announce that it will become a founding member of the $50bn Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, making it the first country in the G7 group of leading economies to join an institution launched by China last October.

'Worst in Pacific history': At least 8 dead after Cyclone Pam rips through Vanuatu | Fox News

At least eight people were killed after Cyclone Pam ripped through the Pacific's Vanuatu archipelago, and the death toll is likely to rise much higher once communications are restored with outlying islands, aid workers said Sunday.

Jeremy Clarkson hints he may be leaving Top Gear | The Guardian

Presenter, whose future is uncertain after ‘fracas’ with producer Oisin Tymon, likens himself in Sun column to dinosaur who no longer has a place in the world

ISIS: First London schoolgirl to join terror group in Syria is named - Mirror Online

The first of four teenage schoolgirls who left London to join Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria has been named in a newspaper as Sharmeena Begum. The 15-year-old is reported to be the first of four GCSE pupils from the same school to head to the war-torn country to become jihadi brides.

Yellowstone Park hot spring turned green by good luck coins tossed in by tourists - The Independent

A famous hot spring in Yellowstone Park has slowly turned from a deep blue to surreal green and yellow as a result of many years of visitors throwing coins in it.

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アサンジ代表をロンドンで聴取の方針 NHKニュース


米グーグル、ロンドンに世界初の実店舗を開設  :日本経済新聞


ロンドン繁華街、日本企業の広告消える ピカデリーサーカス、TDKが撤退 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


ロンドンのシティー周辺にバンカー村、高級地区から締め出され - Bloomberg

ロンドン の歴史的な高級地区の物件が値上がりし過ぎて手が届かなくなってしまったバンカーやトレーダー、企業幹部らが新しい高級住宅街を作ろうとしている。

アウディが発明した“椅子のない椅子” | Web Magazine OPENERS


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News Headlines - 13 March 2015

NY Judge Rules Against Citibank, Argentina in Bond Dispute - ABC News

The judge has repeatedly ruled that U.S. hedge funds must be paid roughly $1.5 billion they are owed if Argentina pays interest to other bondholders who swapped their bonds for bonds worth less than a third of their original value. The swaps occurred in 2005 and 2010 after Argentina defaulted. Fewer than 10 percent of bondholders failed to swap their bonds.

Shell CEO Ben van Beurden paid €24.2m in 2014 | Business | The Guardian

The chief executive of Shell earned €24.2m (£17.2m) last year to become the second-highest paid boss in the FTSE 100.

Domino Printing targeted by Japan's Brother in £1bn bid - Telegraph

Domino Printing shares have soared more than 30pc after the company’s board recommended a £1bn takeover offer from Japan’s Brother Industries.

Nasa confirms ocean on Jupiter moon, raising prospects for life - Telegraph

Scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have confirmed that the Jupiter-orbiting moon Ganymede has an ocean beneath its icy surface, raising the prospects for life, Nasa said on Thursday.

Video: Royal Family and veterans attend Afghanistan service and parade - Telegraph

Servicemen and women who died during the Afghanistan campaign and veterans who fought in the conflict were remembered at a service of commemoration today.

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英 中国政府提唱の投資銀行への参加表明 NHKニュース


日立の高速鉄道車両、イギリスに到着 4月から走行試験:朝日新聞デジタル


車載情報機器:ルノーと日産がカーナビにLinuxを全面採用、サプライヤはボッシュ - MONOist(モノイスト)


英美術館、「自撮り棒」の使用を禁止:AFPBB News

ロンドン市内で「自撮り棒」を禁止した主要美術館はナショナルギャラリーが初めてだが、米国の首都ワシントン(Washington D.C.)のスミソニアン博物館(Smithsonian Museums)やニューヨーク近代美術館(Museum of Modern Art、MoMA)、オーストラリアの首都キャンベラ(Canberra)にあるオーストラリア国立美術館(National Gallery of Australia)などでは、すでに禁止されている。
 また、パリ(Paris)のベルサイユ宮殿(Chateau de Versailles)とポンピドー・センター(Pompidou Centre)も、同様の規則の導入を検討していることを明らかにしている。

仏記者が迫るハリル新監督 友人、家族、財産…戦争で全てを失った ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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News Headlines - 12 March 2015

2 Officers Are Shot Amid Protests Outside Ferguson Police Station - NYTimes.com

Two police officers were shot here early Thursday morning as gunfire rang out in front of the police station, throwing into panic what had been a spirited — and at times tense — but largely peaceful night of protests.

US and UK defence chiefs warn of additional sanctions on Russia - Yahoo News UK

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon sought to dispel US concerns about cuts in his country's defences, saying it was maintaining and developing a credible capability and urging fellow European Nato members to step up their forces.

BBC News - BBC gives children mini-computers in Make it Digital scheme

The BBC will be giving away mini-computers to 11-year-olds across the country as part of its push to make the UK more digital.
One million Micro Bits - a stripped-down computer similar to a Raspberry Pi - will be given to all pupils starting secondary school in the autumn term.

Google unveils 2015 Chromebook Pixel | bit-tech.net

Apple's new 2015 MacBook may have been the first laptop announced to use the new reversible USB Type C port, but it wasn't alone for long: Google has officially unveiled the 2015 Chromebook Pixel, which packs a port on either side.

Solar eclipse 2015: How to the eclipse in Britain (and not go blind in the process) | Metro News

The rare and beautiful cosmic event will be observable in Britain on the morning of March 20, however only 90 per cent of the sun will be covered (slightly more in the northern parts of Scotland).
This may seem like a lot, but a huge amount of the sun’s light will still reach the earth, and the effect will not be as striking as the solar eclipse observed in south-east England in 1999.

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独アウディ、自動運転車17年実用化 高速渋滞時を想定  :日本経済新聞


フランス企業が高性能ドローンを日本で発売へ 7万円台で4月 - 産経ニュース

「ドローン」と呼ばれる小型の無人飛行機を製造・販売する仏パロットは12日、消費者向けドローン「Bebop Drone(ビバップ・ドローン)」を4月上旬に発売すると発表した。価格は7万6572円から。

ネムツォフ氏暗殺、ロシア当局が容疑者に拷問?自白強制か:AFPBB News

ロシアの野党指導者ボリス・ネムツォフ(Boris Nemtsov)元第1副首相が暗殺された事件で、同国政府の人権評議会は11日、実行犯の疑いが持たれている南部チェチェン(Chechnya)共和国出身の元警官ザウル・ダダエフ(Zaur Dadayev)容疑者が、捜査当局の拷問により自白を強要された可能性が高いとの見解を示した。

CNN.co.jp : 次期大統領選、現時点ではクリントン氏優勢 米世論調査


CNN.co.jp : 世界最大の航空機、飛行実験へ 英


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News Headlines - 11 March 2015

Japan remembers the 18,000 victims of 2011's triple disaster | The Guardian

People across Japan fell silent on Wednesday to remember the thousands of victims of the tsunami that wrecked its north-east coast four years ago.
But remembrance services held in Tokyo and along the flattened coastline were tinged with frustration at the slow pace of rebuilding, with almost a quarter of a million people still displaced.

Euro falls to a fresh 12-year low against the dollar - FT.com

The euro hit a fresh 12-year low against the dollar on Wednesday, dipping under $1.06, as Mario Draghi credited the cheap single currency with helping the reversal in the eurozone’s slowdown.

Isis video shows child militant shooting dead 'Israeli spy' Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam - Middle East - World - The Independent

Isis has released a shocking video purporting to show a child shooting dead a 19-year-old Israeli Arab man the group claimed was a spy.

Italy court upholds Berlusconi acquittal in prostitution case | Reuters

Italy's highest court on Tuesday confirmed an acquittal for former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on charges of abuse of office and paying for sex with a minor, giving him a boost as he is trying to hold onto his role as a conservative leader.

Jeremy Clarkson suspended after 'punching Top Gear producer in row over catering' - Telegraph

Jeremy Clarkson's suspension from Top Gear followed claims he punched a producer in a row over catering while filming on location in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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【イスラム国】スペインでテロ計画、モロッコ系2人を逮捕 - 産経ニュース


ジュネーブモーターショー2015:華やかさに欠けたジュネーブショーと勢い増すフォルクスワーゲングループ - MONOist(モノイスト)

しかし、今回はLamborghini(ランボルギーニ)、Ferrari(フェラーリ)、McLaren Automotive(マクラーレン)が派生車種の発表にとどまったことや、これが目玉と断言できるほどのニューモデルは発表されなかったことも、華やかさを削いだ要因だろう。

TBS「SASUKE」イギリス民放最大手ITVが現地制作 : 映画.com

TBS「SASUKE」、夢の世界大会実現へ、また一歩近づいた―。「SASUKE」のヨーロッパでの現地制作第2弾、イギリス版“Ninja Warrior UK”(NWU)の制作が、イギリス民放最大手ITVで行われる事が決定した。NWUの各種公式サイトも立ち上がり、ITVの公式発表はインディペンデント紙、ガーディアン紙など最大手を含む、イギリスの多数のメディアが報じた。放送は4月以降、ITVで1時間のレギュラー番組として放送開始予定だ。

ロンドン市内で遺骨3000体の発掘作業始まる、新駅予定地で:AFPBB News

遺骨の発掘作業が始まったのは、ロンドン東部にある市営のベドラム(Bedlam)墓地で、シェークスピア誕生から数年後の1569年から1738年まで使用されていた。この間には、ロンドン大火やいつくかの疫病流行が起きている。墓地の名前は、近くにあった世界最古の精神科病院「王立ベスレム病院(Bethlem Royal Hospital)」の通称「ベドラム」にちなむという。

弾丸シュートを顔面ブロックしGKが気絶…ピッチ上で大の字に | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 10 March 2015

ECB Starts Buying German, Italian Government Bonds Under QE Plan - Bloomberg Business

The ECB and national central banks started buying sovereign debt on Monday under the 19-month plan to inject 1.1 trillion euros ($1.2 trillion) into the economy. While purchases included bonds from at least five countries, the size of individual trades -- at between 15 million euros and 50 million euros -- was small relative to the program’s goals, according to people with knowledge of the transactions.

Video: Apple watch event: highlights - Telegraph

Apple’s long-awaited Watch Sport, Watch and Watch Edition will go on sale in the UK on April 24, Apple has announced, and will be available for pre-order from April 10, with prices starting from £299, £479 and £8,000 respectively.

CIA sought to hack Apple iPhones from earliest days: The Intercept | Reuters

CIA researchers have worked for nearly a decade to break the security protecting Apple (AAPL.O) phones and tablets, investigative news site The Intercept reported on Tuesday, citing documents obtained from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Hundreds of convicted sex offenders are missing, new figures show | The Guardian

A total of 396 registered sex offenders – who are supposed to be monitored by police and inform authorities if they change address – are missing across the UK, with some out of contact with police for more than a decade, according to freedom of information responses to the Press Association.

India's ban on December 16 film won't last long: Leslee Udwin

India's ban on a controversial documentary on the December 16 gangrape will "not last very long" as the country's courts "are not puppets" of the government, British filmmaker Leslee Udwin has said.

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東京新聞:歴史問題でメルケル首相講演 「過去と向き合うこと」7年ぶり来日


南米でヘリ2機墜落、10人死亡 仏の金メダリストも | ニコニコニュース


TPP「時間切れ」迫る 9日から首席会合 TPA法案提出遅れで進展望めず - 産経ニュース




時速420万キロ、宇宙最速の星を発見 | ナショナル ジオグラフィック

今回観測対象となった星「US 708」はそうではないようだ。高速軌道に乗ったきっかけは、星の爆発の一種である「Ia(いちエー)型超新星」だという。単に「超新星爆発」とも呼ばれ、強さ、明るさともに宇宙で最大級のエネルギーのさく裂だ。Ia型超新星爆発が起こる理由はまだはっきりしないが、超高速で疾走中のUS 708が重要なヒントを与えてくれるかもしれない。

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News Headlines - 09 March 2015

BBC News - Margaret Thatcher 'told of Cyril Smith abuse claims'

Margaret Thatcher was made aware of child abuse allegations involving Cyril Smith before he was knighted in 1988, Cabinet Office documents have shown.

BBC News - Mystery of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 one year on

An interim report into Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been published on the first anniversary of its disappearance.

Swiss pair launch effort to pilot solar-powered plane around globe - The Washington Post

An historic attempt to fly around the world in a solar-powered aircraft the weight of a minivan began Monday as the plane took off from Abu Dhabi on the first leg of its record-breaking journey.

Writers' indignation: Kazuo Ishiguro rejects claims of genre snobbery | The Guardian

Author Kazuo Ishiguro has hit back at accusations of genre-based snobbery surrounding his new novel The Buried Giant, which is set in a semi-mythical Britain inhabited by ogres, pixies and dragons.

BBC News - Germany's Merkel addresses WWII reconciliation in Japan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has begun a two-day visit to Japan by discussing Germany's reconciliation efforts after World War Two.

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日独、ウクライナ安定へ協力=メルケル氏、アジア和解に期待—首脳会談 - WSJ


伊、ミラノ万博に期待 上海直行便や商業施設大改修  :日本経済新聞


CNN.co.jp : ホームレスとファッション誌 ヴォーグ編集者の投稿写真が物議


ムーミンやスナフキン、ミイたちの記念切手シート2種類 フィンランド以外では初の発行 - はてなニュース


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News Headlines - 08 March 2015

Bill Clinton Defends Foundation's Foreign Donations - Bloomberg Politics

Former President Bill Clinton on Saturday defended his foundation’s acceptance of donations from foreign governments, even those with which he disagrees.

To Explain Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight, ‘Rogue Pilot’ Seems Likeliest Theory - NYTimes.com

The retired chief pilot of Malaysia Airlines is torn between logic and loyalty to an old friend. Nik Huzlan, 56, was one of the first captains to fly the 12-year-old Boeing 777 that disappeared over the Indian Ocean a year ago this Sunday. He has known the pilot who flew the plane that day, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, for decades.

American Sniper is the Highest-Grossing Movie of 2014 - IGN

U.S. Navy SEAL marksman Chris Kyle, became the No. 1 domestic release of 2014 this weekend.
Since its limited release in December, the movie has earned $337.2 million and counting at the North American box office. American Sniper finally dropped out of the Top 10 at the box office this weekend.

Björk, a One-of-a-Kind Artist, Proves Elusive at MoMA - NYTimes.com

The prodigious Icelandic musical phenomenon Björk is the most avant-garde popular artist of her time, the creative force behind extraordinary music videos and also one of the most instinctive of talents. So she probably should have trusted her first response — No thanks — when the Museum of Modern Art came calling.

'It's time to end ban on women at matches,' Sepp Blatter tells Iran - CNN.com

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has told Iran to end its "intolerable" ban on women attending football matches... Iran's ban was put in the spotlight at the Asian Cup in Australia earlier this year, when thousands of female Iranian fans watched their team without restriction.

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独首相 日本にエネルギー政策転換促す考え NHKニュース


ロシア野党指導者暗殺、容疑者2人逮捕:AFPBB News

ロシアのウラジーミル・プーチン(Vladimir Putin)大統領批判の急先鋒に立っていた野党指導者、ボリス・ネムツォフ(Boris Nemtsov)元第1副首相(55)が先月27日夜、モスクワ(Moscow)中心部の大統領府近くで何者かに撃たれて死亡した事件で、露連邦保安局(FSB)は7日、容疑者2人を逮捕したと発表した。



財政難パルマに援助金6億超、試合開催可能に - セリエAリーグ : 日刊スポーツ


ポール・マッカートニー、死亡&替え玉説騒動 ジョークサイトのうそだった - シネマトゥデイ


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News Headlines - 07 March 2015

Sompo Japan to Buy Stake in France’s Scor - WSJ

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings Inc. said Friday it has decided to spend about $915 million to buy a stake in French reinsurance giant Scor SE .

Philippines to explore wartime Musashi wreck - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun

The Philippine government said it will mount an exploration of the sunken Japanese battleship Musashi, but ruled out salvaging the wartime wreck.

$10,000 watch tests Apple’s luxury appeal - FT.com

When Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch in September, the iPhone maker’s chief said it was the “most personal device we’ve ever created”.
Some models will also be Apple’s most expensive products in more than 30 years. The company is widely expected to put a price tag of at least $10,000 for the gold Apple Watch Edition when it shows off the devices at a press event in San Francisco on Monday.

The man behind the Apple Watch

Last year, Apple was the first company to be valued at $700bn. As it makes a bid to enter the luxury market with the 18ct gold Apple Watch, the brand’s British design visionary, Jony Ive, gives a rare interview to Nick Foulkes.

Barack Obama condemns Ferguson police over racism report - Telegraph

President Barack Obama condemned the Missouri city of Ferguson on Friday for "oppressive and abusive" actions against African-Americans that were laid bare in a U.S. Justice Department report accusing police and court officials of racial bias.

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米CIA:組織を大幅改編へ サイバー対応能力を強化 - 毎日新聞


米議会、ドル高批判強める 「容認」の政権に不満  :日本経済新聞


ウィンドウズ搭載PCにも影響、「Freak」脆弱性問題 | Reuters

Freakの問題はセキュリティー専門家の指摘で3日に発覚。当初はアップル(AAPL.O: 株価, 企業情報, レポート)の「iOS」とPC「マック」向けOS、およびグーグル(GOOG.O: 株価, 企業情報, レポート)のモバイル向けOS「アンドロイド」のみが影響を受けると考えられていた。

巨大なイカとタコの化石発見 史上最大級、北海道の白亜紀地層から - ITmedia ニュース

 成果はポーランド科学アカデミー古生物学研究所が発行する英文誌「Acta Palaeontologica Polonica」に掲載された。

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News Headlines - 06 March 2015

With perfect timing, ECB’s Draghi calls end to eurozone crisis - FT.com

Mario Draghi’s timing looks impeccable. Only six weeks after pushing through quantitative easing in the face of fierce resistance from Germany, the European Central Bank president has now called time on the region’s crisis.
Mr Draghi’s message on Thursday was clear: the eurozone’s economy had, with the help of QE, turned a corner and was on the path to a meaningful recovery.

Harrison Ford Plane Crash: Actor Injured in L.A. Accident | Variety

The 72-year-old actor crash landed on Penmar Golf Course after something went wrong mechanically with the single-engine plane at around 2:25 p.m. He was transferred to UCLA Hospital in Westwood where he was listed in “fair to moderate” condition, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Angry mob lynches rape suspect to death in India - Telegraph

A rape suspect was pulled out of a jail and lynched by a mob in northeastern India on Thursday, local reports said, with anger raging over the high rate of sexual violence in the country.

Eye for an eye: Iran blinds acid attacker | The Guardian

In a literal application of the sharia law of an eye for an eye, an Iranian man convicted of blinding another man in an acid attack has been blinded in one eye, marking the first time Iran has carried out such a punishment.

Britain Arrests Suspected Pentagon Hacker

British authorities have arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with a hacking attack on the U.S. Defense Department last year.

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www.fnn-news.com: 旅客機が滑走路越え、海沿いのフェンス突き破る 28人けが NY


ハリソン・フォードが小型機不時着で負傷、息子「父は大丈夫」 | Reuters


ウクライナ 炭鉱で爆発事故 32人死亡 NHKニュース


リクルート、オンライン予約の独社を買収 271億円 :日本経済新聞


欧州中央銀 9日から量的緩和開始へ NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 05 March 2015

BBC News - South Korea US envoy Lippert 'well' after knife attack

A militant Korean nationalist has slashed the face of the US ambassador to South Korea at a breakfast meeting in Seoul, but the envoy was not seriously hurt.

Despite blanket ban in India, BBC airs Nirbhaya documentary Indias Daughter - Oneindia

Defying Indian Government's ban order, BBC on Wednesday night telecast the controversial documentary 'India's Daughter,' based on the December 2012 Delhi gang-rape, in the UK and other countries.

Toyota Opts to Diversify Senior Posts - WSJ

Toyota Motor Corp. tapped a foreigner as an executive vice president for the first time in the company’s nearly eight-decade history, in an attempt by the Japanese auto maker to shake up the ranks of its largely uniform senior management.

‘Pear Fairy’ Funassyi Shakes Up Japanese Character World - WSJ

A little more than two years ago, Japan Real Time reported that Kumamon, a popular bear character representing a southern region of Japan, was “the face of a movement” and captured better than anyone else the craze surrounding Japan’s mascot boom.

BBC News - 'First human' discovered in Ethiopia

Scientists have unearthed the jawbone of what they claim is one of the very first humans.
The 2.8 million-year-old specimen is 400,000 years older than researchers thought that our kind first emerged.

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駐韓米大使襲撃事件 大使は「80針縫う手術」、容体は安定 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


戦艦武蔵を発見した「IT大富豪」の“数奇”な人生 〈ASAhIパソコン〉|dot.ドット


iRobot研究(1):困難に直面しても「楽しかった」――「ルンバ」登場までの軌跡 - ITmedia LifeStyle


マックを脅かす新興バーガー 食の安全追求、ネット駆使し世界戦略 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


「TweetDeck」アカウントを3月末で廃止、利用にはTwitterアカウントへの切り替え必須に -INTERNET Watch


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News Headlines - 04 March 2015

US billionaire Paul Allen discovers wreck of Japan's biggest warship Musashi | The Guardian

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says he has found the Japanese Navy’s biggest warship at the bottom of the sea in the Philippines, 70 years after US forces sank it.
Allen posted a photo on Twitter on Tuesday of the second world war battleship Musashi’s rusty bow, which bore the Japanese empire’s Chrysanthemum seal.

CT scan finds mummified monk inside 1,000-year-old Buddha - CNET

The Buddha, exhibited at the Drents Museum in The Netherlands last year, was taken to the Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort, where it was subjected to a full CT scan and had samples taken with an endoscope, under the supervision of Buddhist art expert Erik Brujin.
The mummy inside the statue -- the only one of its kind ever found -- is believed to be a Buddhist master named Liuquan of the Chinese Meditation School, who died around 1100 AD.

Man claims exploding iPhone left him with severe leg burns - CNN.com

A New York man says his smartphone blew up in his pocket and that he wound up in a hospital.

Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules - NYTimes.com

Hillary Rodham Clinton exclusively used a personal email account to conduct government business as secretary of state, State Department officials said, and may have violated federal requirements that officials’ correspondence be retained as part of the agency’s record.

Ex-CIA chief Petraeus to plead guilty, admits giving mistress secrets | Reuters

Former CIA Director David Petraeus has agreed to plead guilty to mishandling classified information, with the retired four-star general admitting to giving eight "black books" full of such data to a military mistress who was writing his biography.

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英国がECBに勝訴、決済所めぐり-ロンドン金融街防衛で勝利 - Bloomberg


1世紀所在不明の北斎肉筆画、墨田区が購入へ : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)

 存在が再び確認されたのは2008年。英国のオークションで落札され、東京都内の画商から、「すみだ 北斎美術館」の開館を16年秋以降に目指す墨田区に購入が持ちかけられた。

ノーベル賞委員会、114年で初めて委員長解任 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


CNN.co.jp : スノーデン元職員が帰国の意向 「公正な裁判」条件に


アカデミー受賞の「スノーデン映画」、さらに2作が制作中 « WIRED.jp


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News Headlines - 03 March 2015

Bangladesh authorities arrest man over atheist blogger's murder | The Guardian

Bangladeshi authorities have arrested a radical Islamist four days after a secular American blogger of Bangladeshi origin was hacked to death at a crowded book fair in Dhaka.

ISIS threatens to kill Twitter founder and employees - CBC News

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is now squarely in the crosshairs of ISIS supporters, according to an online message believed to have been posted by the militant group on Sunday.

BBC News - Becky Watts search: Body parts found at Bristol house

Police investigating the disappearance of teenager Becky Watts say they have found body parts at a house in Bristol.
Four men and one woman have been arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.

Wes Brown's Red Card Overturned By FA » Sportsvibe.co.uk

Sunderland defender Wes Brown, who was sent off in the second half of his Sunderland’s 2-0 defeat to Manchester United, has won his appeal to have the controversial red card rescinded.

Kamaishi among 12 cities named to host 2019 Rugby World Cup | Asian Correspondent

The city of Kamaishi, hit hard by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, is among 12 Japanese cities named Monday to host the 2019 Rugby World Cup.
The opener and final of the Sept. 6-Oct. 20 tournament will be played at the new 80,000-seat National Stadium in Tokyo, which will be the centerpiece of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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クリントン氏4月にも出馬表明か 米紙報道 - 47NEWS(よんななニュース)


マイクロソフト創業者のポール・アレン、戦艦武蔵を見つける : ギズモード・ジャパン


車載情報機器:クルマの中はスマホの接続が悪い、ならばクルマを基地局にしよう - MONOist(モノイスト)

BMWは2015年3月2日(欧州時間)、peiker acustic、Nash Technologiesと共同で、「Vehicular Small Cell」の開発プロジェクトを進めていると発表した。……Vehicular Small Cellは、事業所や住宅などで利用されている超小型基地局のフェムトセルをベースに、自動車への搭載を前提として開発が進められている。

過激思想、ロンドンで…「ジハーディ・ジョン」 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


英の新硬貨 女王の表情がより柔和に NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 02 March 2015

BBC boss Tony Hall admits licence fee is outdated | Daily Mail Online

The BBC must change the way it funds itself to secure its future, the director-general warns today.
In a speech to staff, Tony Hall will say he backs plans to overhaul the licence fee ‘to reflect changing times’.
Lord Hall reveals he is open to a new universal levy on every household in the country – even those that do not own a television set or only watch programmes online or on catch-up services.

News Corp. Set to Rehire Rebekah Brooks, Acquitted Executive - NYTimes.com

Rebekah Brooks, the former head of Rupert Murdoch’s media holdings in Britain, acquitted last year on charges related to the phone hacking scandal, is likely to return to News Corporation to focus on new avenues for digital and social media, people familiar with the company’s plans said.

Jihadi John was bullied at school and did not have many friends, former headteacher says - Telegraph

The former headteacher of the British militant known as Jihadi John has revealed the world's most wanted man was bullied at school and did not have many friends.

Model girlfriend of slain Russian politician could hold key to murder case - Independent.ie

Investigators of the murder of slain Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov are continuing to question his model girlfriend Anna Duritskaya.

Video: Mobile World Congress 2015: Day one highlights - Telegraph

Day one in Barcelona was all about smarter watches, more powerful phones and sharper inbuilt cameras

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CNN.co.jp : 野党指導者の追悼に数千人、政権批判で陰謀説も ロシア


仏通信大手オレンジ、テレコム・イタリアとの合併を検討 - WSJ


ネット企業の規制必要=ドイツテレコムCEO | Reuters

ドイツの通信大手ドイツテレコム のティム・ヘットゲス最高経営責任者(CEO)は、米国のグーグル やフェイスブック などのネット企業について、通信会社と大差ない通信サービスを提供しており、規制の対象とすべきだとの認識を示した。

イギリスのウィリアム王子、訪中開始 - 中国国際放送局


主将テリーが決勝点…チェルシーが8年ぶり5度目の英リーグ杯制覇 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 01 March 2015

Germany's far-right Pegida movement sets up in Scotland and plans anti-Islam march in Edinburgh | Herald Scotland

Pegida - a German acronym which translates as "patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the west" - has held weekly marches in Germany since October last year.
The radical group, which protests against a perceived "Islamisation" of Europe and the West, attracted 25,000 people in one rally in January following the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
Scottish organisers of Pegida told the Sunday Herald they were in regular talks with German members, who offered support and advice.

Revealed: How torture was used to foil al-Qaeda plot to bomb two airliners 17 minutes before explosion - The Independent

The former head of MI6 has said torturing suspected terrorists produces “useful information”, as The Independent on Sunday reveals that “real-time” intelligence understood to have been obtained by torture in Saudi Arabia helped to thwart a terrorist bombing on British soil.

What colour is this dress? Debate swamps web

"So if there's a lot of blue in the environment, for example, the brain will subtract blue from the image your eye sees. There's also the process of colour adaptation, where the colour you perceive is affected by what you have previously been looking at. This effect is easily demonstrated as an after image, if you view something that is red for 30 seconds, then look at a white background it will appear green for a short time. Depending on the context it's probably one or both of these effects which are allowing people to see the image differently."

UK government rejects calls for higher diesel tax to cut pollution | Reuters

The British government rejected calls on Sunday to raise taxes on diesel vehicles to reduce air pollution but said it will consider a national network of low-emission zones.

William to tour city hit by tsunami | Daily Mail Online

The Duke of Cambridge will visit a Japanese coastal city today to learn how communities coped with the devastating 2011 tsunami.
William will tour Ishinomaki where more than 3,000 died and around 22,000 lost their homes when the city was deluged by a 28ft wave.

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谷口ジロー、枯れた大人の“わび、さび”がフランスで人気 : 映画.com

じつは、谷口人気はいまに始まったことではない。すでに10年ほど前からじわじわと浸透し、いまではすっかりポピュラーな漫画家である。とくに人気があるのは、「歩く人」(L’homme qui marche/Casterman)「孤独のグルメ」(Le gourmet solitaire/Casterman)「ぶらり」(Le promeneur/Casterman)などの、“現代さすらいもの”。また「遥かな町へ」(Quartier lointain/Casterman)は、2010年にフランスのローヌ=アルプ地方に舞台を移し、映画化されている。

外資の力で大復活の英国系超高級スポーツカーを乗り比べ - ZAK×SPA!


開幕戦のグリッドに並ぶのは何台? 参戦チーム減少の危機-TopNews F1


F1ドイツGP開催に向けて支援する用意はあるとメルセデスAMG-TopNews F1


アーセナル監督に解任の可能性? 本人は「プレッシャーはある」 - サッカー - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


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