News Headlines - 20 March 2015

BBC News - Steady expansion of Russian military exercises

Russia has announced that 80,000 troops and more than 200 aircraft are taking part in a series of military exercises across the country.
The massive show of force involving the army, navy and air force is believed to be in response to the deployment of American military equipment including tanks in the Baltic states and Poland.

Ali 'greatest' tribute to Charles (From The Northern Echo)

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has welcomed the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall to his home city of Louisville - describing the heir to the throne as "the greatest".

How will new £1 coin work in vending machines and trolleys? - BBC Newsbeat

From 2017 the round pound we know today will be redesigned to have 12 sides - much like the threepence piece which was last used in 1971.

Design News - Blog - AeroMobil Says it Will Put a Flying Car on the Market in 2 Years

The company has already unveiled a prototype for its "Flying Roadster," the AeroMobil 3.0. The two-seater functions as both a car and personal airplane, measuring at about 328 x 236 inches in airplane mode and 88 x 236 inches in car mode with its wings collapsed -- thin enough but too long to qualify as a compact car in the US.

BBC Sport - German Grand Prix cut from Formula 1 schedule

The German Grand Prix has been cut from the Formula 1 calendar for 2015, leaving just 19 races on the schedule.








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