News Headlines - 21 March 2015

Police target six key IRA suspects - Telegraph

Six IRA terror suspects thought to be behind some of the worst atrocities committed on mainland Britain are facing major new police investigations, the Telegraph can disclose.
The alleged terrorists had all been told that they would not face arrest because they had received so-called “comfort letters” under a controversial peace deal drawn up by Tony Blair.

Party leaders agree to TV election debate - FT.com

There will be no head-to-head debate between David Cameron and Ed Miliband under a deal announced by Britain’s leading broadcasters on Saturday afternoon setting out four pre-election TV events.

Tunisia arrests more than 20 in crackdown since museum attack | Reuters

Tunisian authorities have arrested more than 20 suspected militants in a nationwide security crackdown since gunmen killed 23 people, mostly foreign tourists, in Wednesday's attack in the capital, the government said.

Map shows £15 billion plan to turn Britain into giant motorway | Metro News

The roads are part of a £15billion overhaul of the nation’s highways being planned by the government.
Up to 18 busy A-roads will be revamped, with roundabouts and traffic lights stripped out, to cut delays.

Solar eclipse: huge power surge as disappointed Brits headed indoors for a cup of tea - Telegraph

It was a very British eclipse. Millions gathered in the cold to witness, well, not very much, before returning to their homes to put the kettle on, sparking a power surge in the National Grid... It was estimated that around 40 million Brits could not see the phenomenon, around two thirds of the population.








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