News Headlines - 28 March 2015

It’s time to tackle ‘lie-to-fly’ culture among pilots | Toronto Star

The suspicion that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz intentionally crashed a Germanwings flight into the French Alps once again raises the uncomfortable question of pilot mental health.

General Election 2015: The 60 seats that could decide the outcome - General Election 2015 - The Independent

However, even if Labour were to win all of the 70 most vulnerable Tory-held seats (and Labour needs to gain 70 seats to win a majority on 7 May) there is still no guarantee that the party would secure the 326 seats it needs for victory. Conversely, the Conservatives could conceivably win an overall majority without capturing a single Labour-held seat.

Volvo unveils reflective spray paint to make cycling at night safer | Metro News

The Swedish car manufacturer collaborated with Grey London and Albedo100 to create LifePaint, a washable formula that lasts for 10 days and is completely invisible until light hits it, at which point it glows bright white.

First Apple Watch apps already available in the App Store (+video) - CSMonitor.com

Curious how a Target app will function on the Apple Watch? Apple is giving consumers a little preview with a host of apps released with Apple Watch support on Friday.

Coleman: We'll keep improving « Express & Star

Chris Coleman has warned Wales' Group B rivals his side will continue to improve in the second half of the Euro 2016 qualifiers.








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