News Headlines - 30 March 2015

Personal details of world leaders accidentally revealed by G20 organisers | The Guardian

The personal details of world leaders at the last G20 summit were accidentally disclosed by the Australian immigration department, which did not consider it necessary to inform those world leaders of the privacy breach.

MI6 boss Alex Younger warns of online arms race against terrorists | Daily Mail Online

In his first public speech, Alex Younger made a series of pointed references to how UK intelligence agencies operate within some of the strictest laws in the world while our enemies were ‘unconstrained’.
His comments will be seen as a rejection of the barrage of criticism aimed at MI6, MI5 and GCHQ by US ‘whistleblower’ Edward Snowden and his supporters in the UK. Snowden’s cheerleaders claim he exposed mass unauthorised surveillance by the security services.

RBS investment bank head resigns weeks after joking it was boring on Snapchat | City A.M.

However, according to reports in the Financial Times, Cullinan has fallen out with management over strategy. Earlier this month tabloid newspaper The Sun published Snapchat messages he had sent to his daughter which read "Boring meeting", "Not a fan of board meetings", and "Another friggin' meeting".

Japan expected to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank - FT.com

Japan is likely to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank within a few months, according to the country’s ambassador to Beijing, a move that would see Tokyo break ranks with Washington and leave the US as the only big holdout.

Piketty's Three Big Mistakes - Bloomberg View

The first is that Piketty doesn’t take depreciation into account... His second point is that much of the income that went to capital owners in the last six decades has been from capital gains -- from stock prices going up, rather than from an increase in book value (the total net value of the assets owned by companies)... But Rognlie’s third point is perhaps the most interesting. Economists combine a lot of different things into “capital,” such as machines, buildings and land. Rognlie points out that almost all of the increase in the value of capital over Piketty’s timeline comes from land, instead of from other forms of capital. In other words, it’s landlords, not corporate overlords, who are sucking up the wealth in the economy. It’s a dramatic, startling insight that was somehow overlooked before Rognlie came along.








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