News Headlines - 24 April 2015

Statue Of Liberty Evacuated After Bomb Threat

The all-clear has been given after the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island were evacuated following a bomb threat.
The iconic attractions were emptied after a 911 caller threatened to blow up the statue, the National Park Service said in a statement.

Man turns himself in, says he landed drone atop Japan PM office | Fox News

Japanese police said Friday they are investigating a man who claimed responsibility for landing a drone on the roof of the Japanese prime minister's office this week.
Tokyo metropolitan police said the man turned himself in to Fukui prefectural police in western Japan.

Amazon Finally Discloses Cloud Services Sales, Showing 49% Jump - Bloomberg Business

Turns out there’s real money in the cloud. The Amazon.com Inc. division that serves up computer power, storage, and software via the Internet, generated $1.57 billion in first-quarter sales.
The first-ever disclosure of results from the Amazon Web Services division showed revenue increased 49 percent from a year earlier. AWS cranked out operating income of $265 million for Amazon, helping offset losses in other businesses. Net losses for the enlarged company came in at $57 million.

The real X Files: NASA assembles elite team of alien hunters to find life on other planets - Mirror Online

The space agency has brought together 10 'extraterrestrial experts' to see if any of the planets discovered outside our solar system are be inhabited... The initiative, dubbed Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (Nexss), will include scientists from Stanford, the University of California and Yale.

Woolly mammoths’ genes decoded, bringing clues to how they died out and how they could come back - The Independent

The research found that woolly mammoths, which came about around 700,000 years ago, suffered two huge population shocks that each significantly reduced the number of them around. Eventually, mammoths died out after the remaining ones lived on a remote island where they are thought to have declined as a result of inbreeding that led to genetic problems.








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