News Headlines - 28 May 2015

U.S. Alleges ‘Rampant’ Corruption in Sweeping FIFA Probe - Bloomberg Business

U.S. prosecutors plunged the World Cup’s governing body into crisis, charging nine officials with corruption as Europe’s largest soccer federation called for postponing this week’s FIFA election for president.

Obama Loses Second Bid to Implement Overhaul of Immigration - Bloomberg Business

President Barack Obama’s bid to make overhauling immigration policy a second-term victory was dealt a serious blow as federal judges ruled the effort must remain on hold while 26 states sue to overturn it.

Nebraska Bans Death Penalty, Defying a Veto - NYTimes.com

Nebraska on Wednesday became the first conservative state in more than 40 years to abolish the death penalty, with lawmakers defying their Republican governor, Pete Ricketts, a staunch supporter of capital punishment who had lobbied vigorously against banning it.

'Tampon tax' will end July 1 - CBC News

The federal government is nixing the GST on feminine hygiene products, including tampons, starting July 1.
The government tabled the change in a way and means motion on Thursday. The move comes much sooner than expected, as the Conservatives initially said it would be addressed in a future budget.

Ballet icon Sylvie Guillem retirement interview: ‘I knew for a long time that I had to stop’ - Telegraph

This year will mark the end of Sylvie Guillem's astonishing 30-plus years as one of the world’s foremost ballet dancers. Sarah Crompton meets her as she prepares to bring her farewell tour to Britain








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