News Headlines - 29 May 2015

Economy in U.S. Shrinks for Third Time Since Expansion Began - Bloomberg Business

Gross domestic product shrank at a 0.7 percent annualized rate in the first quarter, revised from a previously reported 0.2 percent gain, according to Commerce Department figures issued Friday in Washington. That’s the weakest reading since frigid winter temperatures derailed growth at the start of 2014.

Here's How Big of a Deal the World Cup Is to Qatar - Bloomberg Business

Qatar's stock exchange has fallen more than four percent in the last two days, since the arrest of nine top officials at soccer's global governing body on Wednesday morning. The criminal charges are just one part of a wide-ranging corruption probe at FIFA, that includes a Swiss investigation into bribery related to the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, the latter of which will be hosted in Qatar.

Ireland's media silenced over MP's speech about Denis O'Brien | The Guardian

Injunction prevents newspapers and radio stations from reporting claims made in Ireland’s parliament about media owner’s banking affairs

Sylvester Stallone: not your average Hollywood painter - Telegraph

He gave the world Rocky and Rambo, now Sylvester Stallone is revealing his expressionist side in an exhibition of his paintings, says Andrew Pettie

Young Women Say No to Thongs - NYTimes.com

A young generation of women is discovering a new brand of sexy in the most unlikely of places: their grandmothers’ underwear drawers.








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