News Headlines - 19 June 2015

Greek debt: Merkel urges deal before Monday summit - BBC News

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned there must be a deal between Greece and its creditors ahead of Monday's emergency EU summit.
Otherwise, she said, the summit would not be able to make any decision.

UKIP's Suzanne Evans facing the sack after Farage comments - BBC News

UKIP's most senior woman is facing the sack after she told the BBC's Daily Politics party leader Nigel Farage was perceived as "very divisive".
Deputy chairwoman Suzanne Evans has been dropped as a party spokesman and officials in the party have been told to have no further contact with her.

Toyota chief vows to stand by arrested US executive Julie Hamp - FT.com

Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s chief executive, apologised on Friday for the arrest of the Japanese carmaker’s first female western senior executive, but vowed to stand by her, saying it was “the parent’s responsibility to protect the child”.

These Are What the Google Artificial Intelligence’s Dreams Look Like | Popular Science

Google's servers drive the much of the world's data, and apparently, they dream as well, according to a Google blog post by two Google software engineers and an intern.
Google’s artificial neural networks (ANNs) are stacked layers of artificial neurons (run on computers) used to process Google Images.

Prince Harry serves last day in British army ahead of joining fight against elephant, rhino poachers - ABC News

Prince Harry has ended his career with the British army after 10 years of service that saw him fight on the front line twice in Afghanistan.








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