News Headlines - 20 June 2015

Thousands attend anti-austerity rallies across UK - BBC News

Tens of thousands of people have taken part in anti-austerity demonstrations in UK cities.
The biggest march was in London, where thousands of people attended a rally outside the Bank of England before marching to the Houses of Parliament.

Report: Nokia CEO Talks Mobile Comeback | PCMag.com

After selling its handset business to Microsoft last year, the Finnish company is officially looking to make a comeback in the mobile space. But it's not planning to go at it alone. Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri (pictured) reportedly told the German website Manager Magazin that his company is looking to find "suitable partners" to help with the effort.

90% of European countries have cheaper petrol than us - how to cut costs - Mirror Online

Ten cheapest countries for a litre of unleaded
Andorra, 86p
Austria, 90p
Czech Republic, 93p
Luxembourg, 93p
Cyprus, 97p
Spain, 99p
Slovenia, £1.01
Croatia £1.04
Ireland £1.07
France, £1.07
UK: 117.19p

Dawkins attacks ‘mob rule’ that cost scientist his job | The Times

Professor Dawkins, the University of Oxford’s evolutionary biologist and writer, said that he did not personally enjoy the Nobel laureate’s joke, in which he called for single-sex laboratories and said women cried too much, but he said that calling the reaction disproportionate “would be a huge underestimate”.

Humans creating sixth great extinction of animal species, say scientists | Environment | The Guardian

The modern world is experiencing a “sixth great extinction” of animal species even when the lowest estimates of extinction rates are considered, scientists have warned... the authors of a study published on Friday said that even when they analysed the most conservative extinction rates, the rate at which vertebrates were being lost forever was far higher than in the last five mass extinctions.








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