News Headlines - 21 June 2015

Lib Dems launch investigation into Norman Lamb campaign - BBC News

The Liberal Democrats have launched an investigation into allegations Norman Lamb's leadership campaign team may have breached data protection rules.

BBC: '10 years left of licence fee' - BBC News

BBC director general Tony Hall has said he believes the licence fee has "got 10 years of life left in it".
His comments come after a group of MPs said earlier this year the TV licence did not have a long-term future and was "becoming harder to justify".

Britain to simplify visa process for Chinese visitors to Europe | South China Morning Post

Britain will simplify bureaucracy for Chinese tourists and business travellers, letting them apply for British and European visas in one process, the government said.

Why E3 finally proved that consumer VR will work (Wired UK)

The E3 video games conference has a reputation for defining the future in interactive entertainment. WIRED reported live from this year's show to find out if that is still the case.

Father's Day summer solstice: Dads get the longest day of the year (+video) - CSMonitor.com

Dads everywhere will celebrate Father's Day today (June 21), and the Earth is joining the fun this year with the summer solstice, kicking off the first day of the northern summer.








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