News Headlines - 22 June 2015

South Korea, Japan mark 50 years of ties with push to overcome strains | Reuters

East Asian neighbours South Korea and Japan marked the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties on Monday with a push to mend relations strained for years by feuds over the legacy of Japan's wartime past.

Washington fears losing Greece to Moscow - FT.com

Throughout the prolonged showdown between Greece and its creditors, the Obama administration has largely sat on the sidelines, issuing the occasional warning about the potential economic impact of a default.

Nurses ‘will be deported’ under new visa rules - Telegraph

Thousands of nurses will be deported under new immigration rules which will trigger critical shortages of staff across the NHS, nursing leaders have said.
Almost 7,000 overseas nurses are likely to face being sent home by 2020, under the Government’s migration cap, research suggests.

Michael Gove: Justice system fails society's poorest - BBC News

The "creaking and outdated" justice system in England and Wales is failing society's poorest, Michael Gove is to say in his first speech as justice secretary.

Why squatting in skinny jeans could lead to nerve damage - Telegraph

A 35-year-old woman needed four days of hospital treatment because of nerve damaged caused by her skinny jeans








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