News Headlines - 27 June 2015

Tunisia terror attacks: Foreign Office confirms 15 Britons were killed in most significant attack since 2005 bombings - Manchester Evening News

The Foreign Office today confirmed that fifteen Britons were among those killed in the attack on a Tunisian beach resort.
However, Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood warned the death toll was likely to rise.

Tunisia to shutter 80 mosques after terror attack - Jerusalem Post

Tunisia plans witihn a week to close down 80 mosques that remain outside state control for inciting violence, as a countermeasure after the hotel attack that killed dozens, Prime Minister Habib Essid said on Friday.

Gulf states share shock of terror attack on mosque in Kuwait | The Guardian

On Saturday, Kuwaiti officials announced arrests linked to the Friday blast at the Imam al-Sadiq mosque, which killed 27 and maimed 200 more, as security at places of worship from Sharjah to Doha was tightened and rhetoric against the group intensified across the region.

Were Tunisia, France, Kuwait attacks co-ordinated by Islamic State for Ramadan? - Telegraph

These attacks come at a time of heightened emotion for Isil. On Tuesday, a statement from the caliphate spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani was circulated online in which he called for Sunni Muslims to “rush and move to make Ramadan a month of disasters for the kuffar”.

Queen unimpressed by blue horse painting on German state visit | The Guardian

The oil painting by the up-and-coming German artist Nicole Leidenfrost was based on a photograph taken in 1935 showing the future queen, aged eight or nine, on a pony being led by her father, George VI.
The awkwardness of the presentation only increased when, pointing to the king, she asked: “Is that supposed to be my father?” Gauck, unable to hide the disappointment in his voice, replied: “Don’t you recognise him?” to which the Queen answered sternly: “No.”








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