News Headlines - 28 June 2015

Panicking Greeks withdraw billions from cash machines amid fears of exit from euro - Mirror Online

Banks in Greece will remain open and people should stay calm, a senior Greek politician said today.
He was speaking hours after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced a surprise referendum to be held on July 5 on the bailout terms offered by foreign creditors.

Theresa May: no evidence Tunisia gunman targeted Britons | The Guardian

The home secretary, Theresa May, has said there is no evidence that the gunman who shot dead 38 people on a Tunisian beach specifically targeted British tourists, as she warned that the confirmed death toll of 15 Britons was likely to rise.

EXCLUSIVE: The weirest picture of evil Adolf Hitler you will EVER see | Daily Express

Its exact origin is not known, but it is speculated it was taken to commemorate the signing of the international pact between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan on November 25 1936.

Pope Francis recruits Naomi Klein in climate change battle | The Guardian

She is one of the world’s most high-profile social activists and a ferocious critic of 21st-century capitalism. He is one of the pope’s most senior aides and a professor of climate change economics. But this week the secular radical will join forces with the Catholic cardinal in the latest move by Pope Francis to shift the debate on global warming.

Formula E will overtake F1 in five years, says Branson | GMA News Online

Electric racing will overtake Formula One in popularity within five years, British entrepreneur Richard Branson predicted on Saturday at the final round of the new Formula E series.








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